Here's A $900 Batman: Arkham Knight Statue

Batman: Arkham Knight, a video game about driving a secret tank, came out in 2015. The merch is still rolling in though, and while normally that wouldn't be cause for general concern, this 84cm statue is some hilariously intricate fanservice.

Made by Prime 1, it will be out in a few months, and is based on the Batman Beyond skin from the game. There are only 350 being made, which goes part of the way to explaining the $US939 ($1,185) price tag.

The rest of the way is explained by the fact the market for adult collectibles is lmao.


    Not sure if this is meant as a news article or if you're just taking the p***....

    Sorry, but not sure what's with the tone on this one.

    Edit: I reread this and it seems a bit snippy, sorry. I just know what goes into these sorts of things as a amateur sculpter and model making and I was feeling a bit belittled tone here. It's incredible what sort of time and care it takes to do a job as good as this.

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      I had to wonder what you were talking about - I only clicked on the link to look at the pics knowing that this was Prime 1’s latest Batman Ark Knight White sculpt (insert throbbing man meat here) and then I read the text. Now I’m on your side, not as a sculptor but as a collector. I’ll spend my money on whatever I goddamn please. $1k is about standard for a piece like this - and well worth it for Prime 1.

    Isn't Batman Beyond unrelated to Arkham Knight because it's origin is in a comic book (Batman 20 something) So the suit is just a skin in Arkham knight or am i mistaken?, This would be cool if it wasn't tied to Warner, Rocksteady or Arkham knight.

      There is indeed a Batman Beyond skin in Arkham Knight. I very much preferred the Batman Beyond skins in injustice and Arkham City over this one though.

    Yeah, I read the "article" too and it sounds like it's just taking the piss and essentially belittling the collectables industry.

    I think this statue is insanely priced, and as much as I'd like to have one sitting in my house, it's just way too expensive. In saying that, as an artist myself, I completely understand the price justification behind this.

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