Here's A Close Look At The PAL SNES Classic

While we've reviewed the North American SNES Classic already, let's not forget that those of us living in Australasia, Japan and Europe have gotten a slightly different console.

So let's take a look at it! The hardware is the same, of course, and most of the games are as well, but here we can see the differences in case design and colour scheme that the PAL/JP version enjoys.

Got all that? OK now if you'll excuse me I've got streets to fight/pasts to link/earths to bound.


    Aww man, not gonna lie, was hoping there'd be words in this one >.

    Worth noting you need a USB power source (5V/1.5A I think) to use it - it doesn't come with an AC adapter in the box.

      I think it's unfair for the US version to come with one and the PAL version to have to be bought separately.

        I think it's a fair compromise to not have to look at the fugly purple American SNES.

      Checked last night - it's actually 5V/1A. Most modern televisions will have a USB port labelled as such that you can use to power the console.

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