Here's A Nice Nintendo Switch Controller

Xenoblade Chronicles 2's overdrawn (over eight minutes!) showcase on Nintendo's latest Direct was agonising. To make up for that, the game is also getting this very pleasant Switch Pro Controller.

I appreciate, as a fan of pink controllers but not Xenoblade Chronicles 2, how there's no obtrusive branding for the game plastered all over it, so you can enjoy the pad even if you don't enjoy the game.


    It looks great. The more I see of the game, the less interested I get, but I'll definitely grab the controller.

    Hm, wouldn't mind that. Even if it just spends its time next to my Splatoon 2 controller on the shelf.

    Got one preordered, hopefully I'll hit the pro controller lottery with this one and get one with a non borked dpad.

    I like the Splatoon2 one better, but maybe because I have no interest in this game at all. I'm debating whether I should pick up another Pro controller or another single joy con (or pair) to enable 4 players at once. Currently only have the OG joy cons (grey sadly) and a stock pro controller.

    It's a nice new Xenoblade Chronicles 2 design for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller but sadly I'm not a huge Xenoblade Chronicles fan and I prefer just to use the normal Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. So I won't be getting Xenoblade Chronicles 2 since it comes out on December 1 because I'm a not big fan of the Xenoblade Chronicles series so pass it on.

    I actually am interested in the game but geezus are they doing a good job of trying to put people off it - the trailer was so dreary and the voiceover dude seemed like he was talking in his sleep.

    Hadn't realised there were issues with the dpads at all until i read this thread, for once it appears i've been strangely fortunate.

    Gee.....I must be the only one super excited about Xenoblade 2. Looks great to me.

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