Here's Destiny 2 And Forza Horizon 3 With An Xbox For $274

Image: Kotaku

If the prospect of paying $600+ for a console with no games doesn't appeal to you, but you need a new console, then maybe this will do the trick.

If you head to EB Games' eBay store, you'll be able to get a 500GB Xbox One S with Destiny 2 and Forza Horizon 3 for $274.05, shipping included.

You'll need to use the checkout code PAINT to get the final price. It's also worth mentioning that the shipping is the cheapest available option, if you're looking for Destiny 2 to arrive sooner rather than later.

That probably won't bother people who are looking at this as just an entertainment unit that can also play games, rather than a "Let's Play Everything In 4K" offer. And if you're going to get some free games on the side, Destiny 2 and Forza Horizon 3 - especially post-Hot Wheels expansion - is a bloody good pairing.

Thanks, OzBargain!


    Well, for an additional $25 you can walk straight into an EB store and buy the Xbox One S bundle, which I did today.

    Last edited 07/09/17 3:27 pm

    If you walk in store you can also trade in an Original Xbox One + 1 Game and get $150 credit making it $149 for a brand new Xbox One S + Destiny 2 + Forza Horizon 3 (which is exactly what I did on Wednesday).

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