Here's Optus's Plan Pricing For The iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus

Optus's contract plan pricing for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are out, just as pre-orders open. I think is an under-handed tactic to force you to jump onto a pre-order without carefully considering it, but in any case, here they are.

Virgin's cheapest iPhone 8 will cost you $65 a month over 24 months with 1GB of data on the $40 plan, while the cheapest iPhone 8 Plus is $70 a month over the same period.

iPhone 8 64GB

iPhone 8 256GB

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB

iPhone 8 Plus 256GB


    One thing to note with these plans is that you are leasing the phone. You have to give it back in good working order after your contract ends.

    They don't list any plans where you own the phone after two years yet... it is normally about $10 more per month.

      Huh? Since when? Ive had probably 8 phones on contract and never had this happen. Maybe in America this happens but over 24 months in Australia you pay the phone off and own it by the end date.

        Nope. They are a relatively new plan model that most providers are offering now. I know with Telstra it is called a swap plan and you can trade in your phone after 18 months instead of 2 years and they will waive the remainder of the plan and put you on a new one..

    Yea it's a new thing from Optus... if you look at the bottom of each package, it says "lease Now" instead of "buy now" on their website they explain it better. It's a pretty shitty deal imo.

      Goddamn. My bad its only ever been paying off prior to this. Thats a shitty deal then imho.

    "0 Months

    Choose from our range of bestselling smartphones, and sign up to My Plan Flex
    Optus owns the phone you're leasing so you can avoid the hassle of offloading an old phone when you're ready to move on
    You could pay up to $10 less on your monthly bill on some My Plan Flex and phone combinations, compared to similar My Plan Plus options
    12 Months

    You have the option to upgrade to a new phone after 12 months, simply:

    Sign up to a new 24 month plan
    Return the current phone in good working order
    Back up all your data before giving it to us
    24 Months

    Your options at the end of lease:

    Return the phone to Optus in good working order. If it's damaged, a damage fee of up to $499 will apply
    Make an offer to buy the phone at fair market value
    Continue your lease for up to six more months"

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