Here’s The First Trailer For Annihilation

Here’s The First Trailer For Annihilation

Image: Annihilation/IMDB/Paramount Pictures

If you don’t mind Natalie Portman starring as a biologist in something with a Jurassic Park flair to it, here’s the first teaser for Annihilation.

Due out next year, Annihilation is a movie adaption of the first of the Southern Reach Trilogy novels from Jeff VanderMeer. In the books, four women are sent into a region called Area X that’s abandoned from the rest of civilisation.

The group, which consists of a psychologist, surveyor, anthropologist and biologist (Portman), are the 12th expedition to the area, with the previous 11 having either disappeared, died or traumatised under mysterious circumstances.

Good friends have told me that Annihilation should be on my list of books to read, so that’s a good start. For those who have read the books: what do you think of the teaser?


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