Here’s The First Tomb Raider Trailer

Here’s The First Tomb Raider Trailer
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If you’ve been wondering how Hollywood would reboot Tomb Raider, here’s the first full trailer so you can get an idea.

The costume design is very much reminiscent of Square’s reboot, while the plot pitches Lara against a shadowy organisation called Trinity. There’s also an obligatory ride on a ship out to sea, again drawing parallels from the 2013 remake.

So far, so good. I wasn’t expecting an overly jovial affair like the Angelina Jolie movies. What do you think?


  • Being honest? There was nothing there to really be excited about, it looked like it was shot for television, the CGI was pretty shoddy and needs work before release and the acting level seemed about on par with the type of movie it is. But, it’s just the first trailer and the movie has a supposedly lowish budget. Hopefully it’s good. It can’t be worse than Assassins Creed was… either way, still not getting my hopes up.

  • I hope it continues to be less like the games and more its own thing. But I love Alicia Vikander so I’m okay with this so far.

    Time will tell of course, as they finalise the between now and release.

  • Looks like the plot is taking heavy cues from both 2013 and Rise of.

    Also don’t see anything to be excited about, but it doesn’t look terrible either. The effects and look of the movie feel pretty dated. I’m guessing this’ll end up as a solid meh/10.

  • I’ve already played the game, why would I watch a retelling of said game? (seriously, it looks too similar to the Square reboot).

    Also I really hate the ‘save humanity’ story and tagline. Can’t we just have a ‘normal’ adventure where Lara is exploring stuff and shooting tigers?

    • That was my major issue. “You must stop xxxxxxxx”. Please, why on earth would her Dad tell a 15 year old girl she has to stop a giant organisation of people with military grade hardware?

      They would’ve been better off following the original idea of accidentally stuck on an island with people who just happen to be there too.

      • Man, there’s an awesome article I can’t find that explains Hollywood writing. It was done in response to Star Trek and used like, an Underground Railroad story as an example. It’s about how the story is changed into something with no risk, adding a sense of ‘destiny’ because it’s the only way the audience can react to movies today. This Tomb Raider movie seems just like that, another basic bitch of a movie.

        • Would love to read that. My problem with a lot of movies is that the stakes have to be pushed cartoonishly high and it’s just tiresome. Not every movie needs to be bigger than the last.

          It’s why I liked Dredd so much. And would love a Batman in that style. No planet to save, just Batman stripped of his gadgets and support, fighting for survival.

        • I think I know the article you’re talking about, and it was a script-writer talking about how they’d adapt John Henry vs the steam-drill.

          Still can’t find the damn article, though.

          (I have a feeling it was a gamasutra article about why Hollywood always always always fucks up video game movies, that took a detour into how they do it with everything.)

    • Yeah, that bothered me, too. I much prefer the relic-hunting explorer who stumbles across momentous plotting in the process of simply trying to survive, rather than that, “Answered the voicemail of destiny,” crap.

  • I’m a bit over trailers these days – ever since Suicide Squad sold a movie that didn’t exist.

    I do hope this goes well, but we’ll see.

  • Sunskorpian I agree I hope Lara Croft Tomb Raider doesn’t become the worst ever Hollywood movie ever. I mean Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed was a complete disaster because we weren’t too happy about Ubisoft joining 20th Century Fox and Regency Enterprises in creating the movie based on the video game. It’s now been 10 years since Ubisoft created their first Assassin’s Creed game back in 2007 and now Assassin’s Creed fans will be exploring Egypt 3,000 years of ancient civilization and history in Assassin’s Creed Origins coming out next month. But anyways as I said I hope Lara Croft Tomb Raider doesn’t get rated as the worst ever Hollywood just like in the Uncharted series.

  • Looks like a Netflix movie.

    Not bad or anything. Just not something I’d be excited about watching.
    Combat seems a bit 80s.

  • it’s like somebody played the newest 2 games and said “you know what, we can make a movie!”

    hopefully not a bad thing. it certainly isn’t screaming awesome for me at least

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