Here's The Star Fox 2 Manual, Thanks To Nintendo

Image: Nintendo

Star Fox 2 is coming out later this month, thanks to the release of the Mini SNES. And ahead of that, Nintendo has published the manual for Star Fox 2 online.

Available through the Nintendo Japan website, the manual is annotated for websites and has lots of neat art and animations to go with it.

The controls are fairly standard - if you remember your Star Fox brake from your boost, anyway - and the manual notes that you can unlock Expert mode after defeating the Hard mode "under certain conditions".

Three Arwings are available: the Amoured Arwing, with Slippy and Peppy as pilots; the prototype ship, a balanced model helmed by Falco and Fox; and a lighter craft that's nippier but faster, piloted by Fay and Miyu.

There's a small segment of the all-range mode, which lets you move freely in all directions:

You can skim through the whole manual over on Nintendo's website. The Mini SNES is due to arrive on September 30 (rather than launch, given how quickly pre-orders sold out).


    It's a shame they couldn't have done just a little bit of tweaking and doubled the frame rate for both of these games. Would have made them WAY more accessible.

    Wait wait wait.

    So the mini snes has NOT come out yet?

    The other week a Kotaku article said it had sold out.

    I am so confused right now.

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