Here’s The Star Fox 2 Manual, Thanks To Nintendo

Here’s The Star Fox 2 Manual, Thanks To Nintendo
Image: Nintendo

Star Fox 2 is coming out later this month, thanks to the release of the Mini SNES. And ahead of that, Nintendo has published the manual for Star Fox 2 online.

Available through the Nintendo Japan website, the manual is annotated for websites and has lots of neat art and animations to go with it.

The controls are fairly standard - if you remember your Star Fox brake from your boost, anyway - and the manual notes that you can unlock Expert mode after defeating the Hard mode "under certain conditions".

Three Arwings are available: the Amoured Arwing, with Slippy and Peppy as pilots; the prototype ship, a balanced model helmed by Falco and Fox; and a lighter craft that's nippier but faster, piloted by Fay and Miyu.

There's a small segment of the all-range mode, which lets you move freely in all directions:

You can skim through the whole manual over on Nintendo's website. The Mini SNES is due to arrive on September 30 (rather than launch, given how quickly pre-orders sold out).


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