Hold It, Replicant

Hold It, Replicant

Image: Carlo V Bruzzese/CVB Designs

Carlo V Bruzzese is an Australian designer, illustrator, concept artist and stylist based in Sydney.

This story originally appeared in January 2017.

Bruzzese has worked on a range of projects across film and video games. He’s currently the lead concept artist for Galaxy in Turmoil, a game that started out life as a fan-made spiritual successor to the Battlefront series, and co-created Path of Zenith with his brother Lorenzo. Bruzzese also produced concept art for an upcoming David S Goyer film and taught at the Australian Film Television and Radio School and the Pixel Art and Animation Workshop.

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Images: Carlo V Bruzzese/CVB Designs

You can see more of Bruzzesse’s work on his official page, blog, Instagram and Facebook page.


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