How Much Are You Willing To Pay For A New Phone?

How Much Are You Willing To Pay For A New Phone?

With this morning’s announcement that you can buy a brand new iPhone for the same price as probably your parents’ first car, it’s worth asking: how much would you pay for a phone exactly?

I’m the kind of person who likes to buy their phone outright, since I’m always tagging my mobile plan onto an internet bundle or something else. And as a result, the prices announced this morning seem pretty steep: $1079 for the basic iPhone 8, and $1579 for the basic iPhone X.

Most people buy phones on a plan or upgrade from a carrier, however. And while we’re still waiting to see what carriers will charge for the iPhone 8, I’d expect much in the vein of last year: just under $80 a month with the lowest data plan offering, notching up to around $90-95 a month if you wanted 6GB of data or more.

So, how much is too much?

I’m currently paying about $40 a month for my mobile plan, SIM only. It’s got about 7GB of data, which isn’t quite sufficient if I have a spate of days where I need to tether from my phone. That said, it’s through Internode, so the service isn’t great when Optus (which Node piggybacks off) gets congested.

But I’m not sure I’d want to pay a grand to replace my phone outright – the most I’ve spent is about $550, I think, and that was through a grey import. So I’ve been weighing up how much I’d want to spend per month on a handset and a phone, and around $90/month is probably something I could live with.

$80/month would be great. But I could live with $90/month.

How much are you willing to pay for a new phone, either outright or on a plan?


  • Well I used to spend over 2 grand a phone on smartphones back in 2007-2010 through Telstra, so I’m happy to get the iPhone X on a plan as an upgrade to my pixel XL

      • For me personally it will be as mine has a charging problem. Won’t charge with the official charger and can only charge slowly, so 9 hours from flat to full battery. Developed it within a month of ownership. When I’m up to renew the new pixel should be available so I’ll likely be choosing between the two.
        As long as the pixel gets wireless charging, retina or face unlock (loved that on my note 7) and full screen display I’ll be getting the new pixel XL, will admit that the new note is also on my list.

        It’s more I consider all 3 as viable phones, I’m lucky enough to not have to worry about the cost, and I can see how it’s a barrier, it is a bit rediculous. Shame there is no serious windows phones to consider, if only that android app porting turned out to happen.

  • I want to get an upgrade for my iPhone 6..

    Really wanted the iPhone X.. but man 1579 is a little too steep.. id rather get a surface pro for that price. might have to settle for just an iPhone 8, but i’d be lying if I said I’m not considering what google pixel’s next iteration might look like and just getting that.

  • I used to buy phones outright but as my data usage has increased of time, getting a phone on contract just seems like the better way to go. on $79 per month at the moment but that’s about to switch over to $87 per month when the Note 8 comes out (contract just ended at the right time).

    As far as an upper limit though, I’m probably already at it for now. The plan I’m going onto is really $95 per month but with deal they had going bringing it down, without that I’d probably have gone for something cheaper or perhaps even stuck with my Note 5 on a cheaper month-to-month contract.

  • I use my tax return to buy/upgrade techy stuff each year. Health rebate means I get $1000 back, or near enough, and as I don’t crave the latest and greatest, means I can usually get a last gen phone and have change.

    Don’t like buying phones on a plan, its only caused hassles for me in the past. Plus I’m on a nice combo of plan and offers at the moment and don’t want to lose them. Net effect of them is a $40 plan with 10 Gb of data.

  • I’m lucky that I have had all phones provided by different jobs so far so haven’t had to purchase one yet. Upgrade cycle is 3 years though and they can show their age a bit towards the end. Nexus 5 was still going strong when I upgraded to a Pixel and I’m loving it. Happy to run this for 3 years. HTC Desire, not so much, haha. Nexus 5 was a big upgrade. Don’t think I’ll ever see a jump that big again.

  • Yeah, I fell off the expensive phone bandwagon a while back. I got an LG G3 (Korean model) when the LG G4 came out for $650, and I replaced that earlier this year with an Oppo R9 Plus for $570. As long as it’s got a decent camera and at least a 1080p screen, I’m golden. I rarely game on my phone any more, so as long as I can FB, call, text and snap pictures on it, it’s not worth shelling out a grand more than I’m willing to spend. I’d rather put that money towards games 😀

  • How much are you willing to pay for a new phone
    As much as my wife lets me. 🙂
    Seriously though I would probably pay up to about $95 a month on plan.
    Depends on a lot of factors though. Mainly how much data is included in that.
    I have only ever bought one phone outright, the Nexus 5. With phones prices being what they are now I doubt I would buy one outright again.
    However, working for a telco means I get discounts etc so I will wait and see how much the x will be on our staff plan before I decide what to do.

  • And this is why i get the asus zenphone 3, for 350-400 its as powerfull as a iphone and samsung. Hard pass on this iphone crazy dont see why people flock tgose phones, for tgat price u cant get your self a decent gaming rig

  • Usually $300 max, I tend to upgrade every 5 years or so. I personally always do my research before I make a purchase, looking for the best fully featured & performing phone in that price bracket. My latest phone is the Moto G5 Plus which I got on special for $325 earlier this year. A great replacement to my old but reliable Sony Xperia S from back in 2012. Never been a fan of phone plans & contracts, I will always buy outright.

  • Recently upgraded my 10 year old 2G phone with the cheapest thing I could find – ZTE $250. All I wanted was something that you could use for calls and text, but no, you have to buy a so called smart phone. Why does no-one make a cheap basic phone any more?

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