I Totally Just Got Knack 2 For Free On The PlayStation Store [Update]

So this is weird.

Knack 2 comes out today. It's $54.95 in stores. But right this second you can get it completely free on the Australian and New Zealand PlayStation Store.

Look, I totally just bought it.

Yep yep. Let's see if this works.

Okay. Step one complete. Let me check out and see if this works.

Yep. I know have Knack 2. For free. Bizarre.

We reached out to Sony Australia for comment. Almost certainly this is some sort of pricing error and it will be rectified in due time. But for now, Knack 2 is completely free on the Australian PlayStation Store.

Update from Alex: I brought a PS4 Pro into the office and Knack 2 is downloading very happily right now:

Not quickly, but it's downloading.

Update #2: Sony seems to have fixed the error. Here's a shot Rae from Gizmodo took just now:

Bugger. Still, for a sweet couple of hours, it was a glorious time. We'll keep you posted if any licenses are removed following this little snafu.


    seemed to work via your link, i tried logging into the store separately, and it just listed the free demo.

    Last edited 06/09/17 8:22 am

    Got it for my son, thanks! It actually got a nice review.

    Cheers, did this for myself and let my work colleague know. I still have to finish the first one, hoping the second fix's some of the stale gameplay parts.

    Oh yes!! Free game!! Was curious about the game seeing that the reviews are better than the first! hopefully Sony will just give this to the people who downloaded it and not take it back.

    I actually wanted to buy this anyway, so looks like I'll be getting the physical version to support the devs. Gotta drive up sales so that Knack 3 is a thing!

    Not eligible to download content - guess I missed the boat? Also pretty sure it was a mistake and they'll (rightly) invalidate the free copies.

    Still says Free, but gives a message saying you are not eligible to buy it.

    Says Free on the page to me, then I nearly paid $54 when I hit proceed.

    Glad I caught myself there.

    Been wanting to try Knack and got excited when I saw this...then noticed there's a free demo anyway, so I'll happily try that instead :)

    I still haven't started the first one... Or Infamous, or Killzone, or Bloodborne, or finished HZD...

    "not quickly, but it's downloading", dude you're downloading two full games at once - and it states a remaining 20 GB in 20 mins, so you're obviously not in Australia.

    We reached out to Sony Australia for comment.

    Lol why would you do that? Keep it quiet so it stays free! :P

    Just looked on the phone app, and it's listed at full price. Guessing either they fixed it, or it's only when you view the store from a PS4.

      ...and I just saw the bottom update. Ah well.

      I'll probably grab it anyway from a shop.

        It's $49 at JB :D

          Excellent, 6 new games in as many days (D2 is waiting at the post office for me)... :)

    "Bought" it this morning but haven't downloaded it yet. Will see if it's possible tonight, otherwise ah well. Can't fault Sony if they don't honour it at the end.

    Wasn't going to get it due being poor (damn you 2k and Live), saw it was free and grabbed it, played a little and it isn't bad (never played the original).

    I hope they at least keep my licence for it until my kids are home they might like the look of it.

    I'm in New Zealand. Downloaded it whilst it was showing as free, played it start to finish (with multiple full console shut-downs between sessions). Started NG+ this morning - all good so far. Agree with what Totillo has been saying; i only downloaded it because it was free, but i loved it! A great mix of light puzzles, spot-on platforming, and deeper than expected brawling. Better story than many reviews lead me to believe, and when i kept thinking the game was in it's final chapter, it had more to give. Repeatedly. Fantastic game, right up there with Ratchet & Clank for me.

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