I Wrote A Book About How Video Games Are Made, And It's Out Today

If you are interested in hearing the stories behind games like Uncharted 4, Star Wars 1313, Shovel Knight and Dragon Age: Inquisition, then I sure do have the book for you!

Starting today, you can get your hands on Blood, Sweat and Pixels, which is available in physical, digital and audiobook forms. It's a book about why it's so hard to make video games, and it's based on firsthand interviews I conducted with 100+ game developers over the past two years, from Los Angeles to Warsaw.

If you liked my stories on games such as Destiny and Mass Effect: Andromeda, you will probably enjoy this book. Forbes says it "should be a mandatory read for anyone quick to bash a game for failing to fix a bug or write a better script". Eurogamer writes, "If you've any interest in the way video games are made, Blood, Sweat and Pixels is well worth a read." And Deadspin's Patrick Redford adds, "The book weighs exactly 275.2 grams."

There's even an excerpt up on the video game website Kotaku, telling the story behind how Diablo 3 recovered from Error 37 and transformed into one of the better action-RPGs we've seen recently.

I put a lot of work into this book and I'm stoked for people to read it. You can find it wherever books are sold, and maybe even where books are not sold, if you try really hard.


    Bit of a conflict of interest there

      Nah, nothing wrong with helpin someone out mate. Good on kotaku-au.

      Nah, it's OK, it's been filed under "shameless self promotion".

    Congrats on the release!
    Definitely adding to my reading list.

    I wouldn't mind checking this out. Remember to read your comments future self.

    Best of luck Jason. D3 was definitely a foobar with an awesome recovery.

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