If The Simpsons Characters Were Otaku

[Images: WeebSimpsons]

Imagine that all The Simpsons characters were into anime, manga, and Japanese video games. They would probably say stuff like this.

That's the central premise of Twitter user WeebSimpsons, which has been churning out gems like these:


    Not really funny? Though I'm not in that scene so I guess I can't be sure...

      They're actually pretty good if you are in that scene.

        I'm an anime fan and it's not really that amusing. It's just Comic Book Guy's pedantry with an otaku slant.

          Yeah but like, that's the whole point. That's why it's not anime jokes, it's otaku jokes.

    When I first saw it I thought the Sideshow Bob one said "I have been reading Boku no Pico". (I wouldn't recommend Googling it.)

    I do enjoy a good Simpsons shitpost.

    Sideshow Bob one was the best one, Bort license plate 2nd best.

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