In Maxwell's Demons, A 10-Year-Old Kid Witnesses The Darkest Corners Of The Universe

What kid hasn't imagined finding a secret door that leads to an adventure-filled multiverse? In Vault Comics' Maxwell's Demons, the titular hero is smart enough to actually build the tools to really go on those adventures. But the cosmos is a big place, filled with joy and horror in equal measure — as poor Max finds out.

Image: Vault Comics. art and Lettering by Vittorio Astone, and Aditya Bidikar.

Written by Deniz Camp, and with art and lettering from Vittorio Astone and Aditya Bidikar, Maxwell's Demons is a five-part series that follows the young hero as he uses his supersmarts to build himself a doorway into the cosmos, going on adventures with his stuffed toys to avoid a miserable life at home with his father.

But one day Maxwell finds a mysterious figure on the other side of the door, one who promises to really show him the adventures the universe can offer... but not all of them are as fun as Maxwell could've imagined. Take a look inside the new series below, in our exclusive extended preview:

Maxwell's Demons #1 hits shelves 11 October 2017.



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