Infinite Warfare’s Final Zombies Map Is Both Nostalgic And Infuriating

Infinite Warfare’s Final Zombies Map Is Both Nostalgic And Infuriating

The Beast From Beyond zombies map that closes out Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare‘s run of map packs reintroduces players to the alien Cryptids from the Extinction mode in 2013’s Call of Duty: Ghosts. That’s cool, but it does so in a way that makes even the early rounds of the map hard to enjoy.

The Retribution map pack launched for PS4 on September 12 with the final four multiplayer maps and the last chapter of Infinite Warfare‘s Zombies saga. There was a lot of hype around this final Zombies map with the return of the alien Cryptids from Extinction, but there’s been great frustration with the difficulty of early rounds.

The Beast From Beyond is the final “film” for the four playable characters trapped inside the movies created by the villainous director, Willard Wyler. The map is set on a military station on an ice planet, where the characters are eventually surrounded by the undead.

Unlike previous instalments of Zombies mode, The Beast From Beyond doesn’t actually begin with zombies at all. Round one starts you with the OSA assault rifle instead of a typical handgun, and the alien Cryptids start flooding in around you. The first three rounds of Zombies are usually a cakewalk for almost any skill level, but the Cryptids are faster and spawn more erratically than the zombies. The OSA is most likely handed to you in an attempt to level the playing field, but it doesn’t make things easy. Additionally, the alien pests won’t even quit spawning until you’ve taken steps to stop them by turning on the power to the map.

I found this to be a frustrating map to play on solo or two-player cooperative. As with other Zombies maps, your kills earn you points you can use to unlock doors, but the amounts you need to turn on the power are pricey, and your OSA will likely run dry on ammo after two rounds. It’s hard to use the beginning rounds to generate the crucial points needed to buy helpful perks and unlock the remaining parts of the map, and there’s an extreme struggle just to stay alive. I’ve never died so much in the first three rounds of a Zombies match, and The Beast From Beyond can be a huge blow to the ego.

Pro tip: You need to have the power turned on before the third round ends to avoid a fourth round of Cryptids.

Even skilled Zombies YouTubers have struggled to pass the first three rounds. I went to NoahJ456’s YouTube channel for tips and to see if I was doing something wrong, but one of his videos shows complete rage and complaints as he made several attempts to turn on the power and get past the first four rounds. Cynic The Original can also be heard on YouTube, venting about the struggle of early rounds with the Cryptids and overall impressions of the map.

The Beast From Beyond isn’t all bad, and Infinity Ward did gift fans with the Director’s Cut Super Easter Egg, which allows you to experience more of the previous Zombies maps within Infinite Warfare as long as you’ve completed all their main Easter Eggs and obtained the Soul Keys. A few game-crashing bugs have also been patched since launch, so hopefully there will be some adjustments made to the Cryptid rounds before the DLC is released next month on Xbox One and PC.