Japan Gets All The Best 2DS Colours

Nintendo announced a few new colours for the 2DS XL today. Some were given release dates in the West, but as is becoming custom, the best ones were not.

In October, the US is finally getting the white/orange model first shown off in Japan in April:

And in November, there'll be this Pokeball one:

Which is fine! But during Japan's Nintendo Direct, these were shown off:

Lovely. And Japan is getting not one but two Pokemon models, the other — again, not shown in the US release — having Pikachu's face all over the top of it:

Yellow handhelds are the best handhelds. Doubly so when they have got rosy red cheeks.


    I actually think the 2ds looks cheap and ugly.

      I agree. What's the deal with the protruding hinge?

        These are the cheaper ones for kids. Price is more of an issue here as parents are more likely to be buying them.

    Pikachu version is horrifying, it can stay in Japan.

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