Japan's Newest Giant Gundam Is Finished And So Awesome

This weekend, the one-to-one scale Unicorn Gundam was officially unveiled in Tokyo. It looks fantastic.

[Image: S_hitoshi1003]

The 20m statue replaced a previous giant Gundam that went up in 2012 and came down this past March.

The newest life-sized Gundam is the most impressive one yet as the tweets uploaded on Barukan Log show.


    A place everyone should try to visit at least once. So awesome.

      Love the Tokyo bay area. Go for the Gundam statue, stay for Sega world and Diver city plaza (and more gundam).

    Should build them in Hokkaido staring at North Korea...

    It looks amazing, but this modern world is teaching me to never be satisfied.

    I want it to brandish a sword and shield, and strike poses.

    (and yes, part of me wants it to fly)

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