Jetstar's Selling Free Return Flights To Japan Again

There's a lot of fans of Japanese culture on Kotaku. So with that in mind, it makes sense to inform you all that there are some damn cheap flights to Japan right now.

It's being offered under Jetstar's Return for Free sale, which is basically a flight to Tokyo or Osaka. You'll have to fly through Cairns first, and flights direct from there start from $289. If you're travelling from Melbourne or Sydney, you'll be looking at roughly $500 (once checked baggage is included).

You'll have to take a flight from between February and June, with the exact dates varying depending on each flight. You'll also be flying on Jetstar's Dreamliner aircraft, which aren't too bad - I flew the Dreamliner a couple of years ago on a solo holiday to Japan and it was fine, but make sure you bring some snacks and drinks on the plane.

A bunch of TAYbies are planning a trip to Japan, so this might be a perfect deal to jump on. And if you've been thinking about going to Japan, but haven't, now is as good a time as any.

Should you find yourself landing in Osaka or Narita any time soon, Brian's written a bunch of things you should know beforehand.

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And as a personal recommendation, if you're near Osaka, hit up Universal Studios Japan. The Evangelion VR ride is fantastic.

Jetstar's sale comes to an end at 2359 AEST on September 20, although most tickets will be sold out well before then. Move fast, people.


    This is bullshit, I spent a good half hour trying to find flights the last time they did this and couldnt find shit.

      It's not that bad. I booked flights in 5 mi utes over lunch. Now I have to wait until March next year.

      If it makes you feel any better the last time I caught a Jetstar flight to Cairns (which was going on to Japan) the flight was delayed by more than two hours without explanation and then suddenly cancelled as the flight crew had reached their maximum working hours (which one would think is a problem easily predicted).

      The alternative flights on the same day vanished within about 10 minutes, and after that the next earliest flight was a ridiculously roundabout flight the following day with three stopovers instead of just one, and one was a massive 7 hour stopover in Singapore.

      Since I was just going to Cairns I cut my losses and got a refund so I could book something on the same day, but I pitied those needed to get to Japan within 24 hours. It's the only time I've flown with Jetstar and I'm not keen to relive or reward that experience anytime soon.

    motherffffffff. I bought flights to japan only a month ago XD. oh well. I got return fights for $837 return. Direct flights melbourne to tokyo (Narita) so I suppose it works out better.

      Yes, it always does. There is a reason cheap flights are cheap.

    From nov to december I've only seen 3 return flights that are free the rest you need to pay for them

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