John Wick 3 Is Coming In 2019

The third chapter in the John Wick franchise has been confirmed. Start the clock: there's 20 months to go until we get more Keanu Reeves on-screen shredding.

International distributor Lionsgate has confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that the third movie will be the first to get a US summer release, a time usually reserved for big-budget flicks expected to make bank.

Collider makes the point that that the third Wick flick will come a fortnight after the new Avengers and a week before Minecraft and Aladdin — all quite different films, but all ones we're excited to see. Director Chad Stahelski said back in May that John Wick 3 was in the middle of writing, but hadn't been greenlit for production by a studio yet; it isn't clear who'll be directing just yet.

John Wick 3 will be out on May 17, 2019 internationally. There's no word just yet on an Australian release date; we'll keep our cards close to our chest on that one after John Wick 2. [Hollywood Reporter]


    Hopefully chapter 3 will come out in Au at the same time as US

    John Wick 3 will be out on May 17, 2019 internationally

    And 2025 locally?

      "We will release it after the blu-ray is out internationally!"

      "Why are Australians pirating our movie?!

        Yeap. Apparently getting the US BluRay from Amazon is considered "stealing" now.

        Because we are all thieving scum descended from convicts.

      Nah, by the time it comes out we'll be using Star Dates.

    I remember when everyone went on and on about how good the first is and now it's being milked to the brim, great. Makes me think of Taken..

    Let it be known in the entertainment industry that there is no good idea that won't be strung to it's limits, that there won't be hundreds of people trying to catch lightning in a bottle twice and more because people will consume anything these days.

      I actually enjoyed the sequel more than the original. Both still good films anyway.

      There has only been two movies both of which were critically acclaimed and popular with moviegoers. This is not milking. Milking is what they did with Saw, Underworld and Resident evil.

    John Wick 3, Coming to Australian cinemas 2025 because Entertainment One (Distributor of John Wick 2, Absolute mongoloids) likes to take their time.

    Considering how the 2nd movie ended, this will be very interesting. Less kill count and more 1 on 1 fighting?

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