Johnny Storm And Ben Grimm Are Reforming The Fantastic… Err, Two, for Marvel Two-In-One

Johnny Storm And Ben Grimm Are Reforming The Fantastic… Err, Two, for Marvel Two-In-One

For Legacy, Marvel is bringing back its iconic team-up series, Marvel Two-In-One — which was basically an entire series dedicated to teaming the Thing up with myriad Marvel heroes. But its first storyline will be dealing with ramifications felt by the absence of heroes missing since the end of Secret Wars: The Fantastic Four.

Image: Marvel Comics.

Written by Chip Zdarsky, with art by Jim Cheung, the revived Marvel Two-In-One opens with a storyline called “The Fate of the Four”, which sees Johnny and Ben reunite after spending the last few years flitting between other superteams to begin the search for the still missing Reed and Sue. While Reed and Sue are missing in the Marvel universe, we the audience have actually known that they’re on a cosmos-hopping trip to repopulate the Marvel Multiverse with new worlds since the end of Secret Wars.

Fant2stic doesn’t quite work as well as Fan4stic, but that’s all Johnny and Ben have for now — other than the belief that Doctor Doom himself holds the secrets to finding Reed and Sue and reuniting Marvel’s first family. It isn’t quite the Fantastic Four revival many fans were hoping Legacy would bring, but it’s the best readers are going to get for now.

Alongside the new Two-In-One book Marvel also announced another returning classic series in the form of Tales of Suspense, by Matthew Rosenberg and Travel Foreman. The re-imagined book will see Clint Barton team up with the Winter Soldier in an attempt to prove that Black Widow didn’t actually perish during the events of Secret Empire. Not quite on the level of the Iron Man/Captain America team-ups that Tales of Suspense used to be, but considering Legacy is all about trying to remind people of the classic eras of Marvel, it isn’t too surprising they’re lifting the name.

Marvel Two-In-One and Tales of Suspense begin later this spring.