Journey Devs Announce Sky, A Timed iOS Exclusive

Image: Sky

Described as a game about "giving", the makers of Journey and Flower unveiled their latest game at the iPhone 8/X reveal.

A multi-platform game that's launching on iOS first, Sky is pitched as a multiplayer "social adventure" game, where players fly above the clouds. It seems pretty straightforward.

On the site, however, thatgamecompany says Sky is "hard to explain". "If you can imagine the delight of visiting a theme park where lasting memories are made, we envision Sky will sometimes feel like that," they wrote.

To explain things a little better, thatgamecompany's Jenova Chen filmed a brief Q&A with Geoff Keighley. In that, he mentioned that "true happiness comes from a person who is genuinely wanting to help others", probably a good indication of what to expect.

Sky is due out on iOS later this year.


    With the world as their oyster, they decide to make a game for phones, and lose all credibility.

    Last edited 13/09/17 3:41 pm

      It's multiplatform.

        Eh, he has a point.

        It will likely be terrible if it's fully functioned on phones.

        "It's multi-platform: it supports both iPhone and iPad"

    looks so good! art style and animations. obviously I have no idea what the story is yet.

    giving it exclusively to one group timed or not kinda takes from their premise of it being a game about giving a little I feel.

    But is the game worth $2000

      Almost exactly how I feel about PSVR. I'd really love to play Summer Lesson and Moss, but boy, that's a hefty investment for two short-ish games.

        PSVR will likely get a price cut come christmas though. iPX will still be the same

    Looking forward to playing this after Apple has its prima nocta. Glad it's not a proper exclusive, as I loved Flower and Journey.

    Sounds like they made an entire game out of meaningless buzz words.

    Hope we get console and PC versions at some point soon - I hate gaming on my phone.

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