Let's Play Some Demo Discs From The 90's

Playing new games is all well and good. But sometimes it's fun to just play something real old. Like demo discs.

I'll be playing through some classic demo discs from PC Gamer - US version, I'm pretty sure - on Facebook Live. Join us, and let us know what demos you loved playing back in the day!


    Back in the day I had a small but varied collection of demo discs for the PSX (about 25) that I used to play A LOT because I didn't have many full games (about 13 IIRC). Demos from the AU & UK OPSM and other publications sustained me in the droughts.

      It was always exciting when I received a PSX demo disc, it was the only was to see new games in action before YouTube and twitch.
      And in contrast to today's heavily controlled situation, really crappy games as well as top tier games all had demos.
      You could weed out the shit

      Those were the days man, some of my best gaming memories revolved around those beautiful discs.

    Soul Reaver was my favourite demo disc. Must have completed it a dozen times and sadly as a teen I could never afford the game!

      We both know a dozen was far too liberal an estimate....maybe per sitting :p
      That demo was awesome.

      I wish I could send teenage you a copy, nobody who was enthralled by that demo should have missed the game.

        You would have made teenage me very happy!!
        Maybe a remaster will come out some day so I can see what I missed. Fingers crossed.

    I miss the days of demo CD's (and the earlier shareware floppy discs) so so much. Modern day demos are mostly a joke. Some of the earlier demos like quake 1/ 2 were literally a quarter of the whole game and even had fully working multiplayer.

    Each month would be so exciting to get the magazines with PC and PS1 demos of a dozen or more unreleased games. I'd literally be able to spend hours on a single demo. Extra handy when you're a kid that can’t afford full games very often and ends up having to rent most games to play them (also really miss video stores. My local one shut down last year and that had me on the verge of tears - so many great memories there from the past 25 years).

    Sometimes the discs even had full versions of oldish games included - I got age of empires 1 for free with a copy of PC gamer around the time AoE2 was out. And remember Net Yaroze? It was like an early precursor to indie games for the PS1(basically an SDK). I remember a really good boulder dash clone called rocks and gems on it that I spent many hours playing.

    I've still got several shoe boxes full of PC, PS1 and a handful of PS2 demo discs from 96 to about 2002. Maybe a hundred CD's at a guess. Maybe I'll pull them out on a rainy day for some nostalgia.

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      Net Yaroze!!! Thank you! Been trying to remember that! I had the developers demo from an OAPSM mag. Presume you did too! how far did you get in Pushy? I thought that was the pick of the bunch and that disc. I now remember Rocks and Gems too!

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