Logitech's Latest Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Is ... Wireless?

Image: Logitech

Mechanical gaming keyboards are a special breed. Mechanical gaming keyboards that are wireless are even more special.

I don't really like wires. I'd have a wireless headset if they weren't so consistently garbage, but I've been searching for a decent wireless mechanical to replace my Roccat Suora FX and its chunky cable for a while now.

I've recently taken the plunge to replace my DeathAdder Elite with a Lancehead just because it's wireless. Getting rid of those wires on my PC desk is important to me.

Thus enter the new Logitech G613, much to my interest. It looks functionally similar to the G810 Orion Spectrum that I quite enjoyed using.

Logitech's new G613 'board uses the same in-house-developed Romer-G mechanical switches, a tactile silent switch that has a very high actuation point of 1.5mm and a reasonably low actuation force of 45g. Both those translate into a board that should be good for fast-paced key-tapping gameplay.

Interestingly, it uses Logitech's proprietary Lightspeed wireless tech, but also includes Bluetooth — so can pair up to eight devices and switch between them quickly. I'm keen to give it a go and see if it stands up to my particular demands.

The G613 should be out in Australia in September for $169.95.


    Do you know the dimensions of it? I have a rather small table that I use in the lounge room for my PC setup.

      Height: 478 mm
      Width: 216 mm
      Depth: 33 mm
      Weight: 1410 g keyboard only
      Weight with 2 AA batteries: 1460 g

    Compared to my G910 it just looks... so plain

      the G910 has to be one the ugliest looking keyboards I have ever seen.

        Which one? There were two, the Spark and the Spectrum, with the Spark having "controversial" keycaps. The stock photo with the ugly colours makes it look a lot worse than it is. As for ugly I've seen much worse, like the guy next to me is running a Steelseries "Apex". Not only is it ugly, it has mushy weirdly spaced keys that make it a pain to type on.
        That's without mentioning the ASUS Strix, that Mad Cats thing with the screen.

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