Mario Is Officially No Longer A Plumber

Mario Is Officially No Longer A Plumber

According to Mario’s newly updated, official Japanese-language profile, the iconic character isn’t working as a plumber. This shouldn’t be a total surprise, because the character seems to do everything but plumbing.

[Image: Nintendo]

But doesn’t going down Warp Pipes count? Doesn’t appear so! Here is how the recently uploaded Mario profile explains the character:

All around sporty, whether it’s tennis or baseball, soccer or car racing, he [Mario] does everything cool. As a matter of fact, he also seems to have worked as a plumber a long time ago…

Mario wasn’t always been a plumber. According to Shigeru Miyamoto, the character, then named “Jumpman”, was “basically a carpenter” in 1981’s Donkey Kong, because the game takes place on a construction site.

“With (1983’s) Mario Bros., we brought in Luigi and a lot of the game was played underground so we made him to fit that setting and, we decided he could be a plumber,” Miyamoto previously told USA Today. “The scenario dictates his role.” 

Think Mario was ever a real doctor?


  • So Mario is no longer a plumber as Nintendo said well there you go. But he did enjoy working as a carpenter in the 1980s arcade version of Donkey Kong he then became a cement worker and even a doctor in a Tetris game getting rid of those nasty viruses just by matching the colour of each Tetris piece. Also as Miyamoto-san said that was actually a good idea for Luigi to become Mario’s new plumber since the first Super Mario Bros. game came out just over 30 years ago. But for Mario he was not only a plumber he was also involved in participating different types of sports. I mean he played tennis, he played baseball and soccer and when Mario first met Sonic that’s when Nintendo and SEGA decided to make a Mario and Sonic franchise that will involve both Team Mario and Team Sonic competing in the Olympic Games to hopefully see which team will take home the gold medal. Then Nintendo partnered with Square Enix to create Mario Sports Mix four sports all in one game Dodgeball, Volleyball and Basketball and Ice Hockey. Mario was even a party fanatic when Nintendo and HUDSON decided to make their first ever Mario Party game for the Nintendo 64 since then new playable characters had decided to come and join the party as well. Mario was even in a property buying board game called Boom Street the only problem was you can’t hear their voices because their voices remained silent but all you did get to hear was the sound effects in Boom Street it almost sounds like you’re playing Monopoly. Now fast forward to today and it seems that Nintendo will be releasing Super Mario Odyssey when it comes out next month. So does that mean Mario is going to find somewhere to retire after 30 long years of saving Princess Peach? I mean I don’t know what’s going to happen to Mario even though he’s no longer a plumber as Nintendo stated I still want Mario to stay because what I would say is Please don’t go and find somewhere to retire Mario we all love you and we adore you so much.

  • Before his sudden and mysterious apoearance in this world Mario and Luigi were plumbers, so if you follow a common Zero to Hero anime story…
    Mario and Luigi are probably listed as missing persons back home after so long a cold case with him suspected of running out on his plumbing business due to mounting debts.

    • Do you even know how many coins he’s collected over the years? That dude is sitting on a pile of gold, eating fistfulls of mushrooms from a bucket right now.

      • So true. He’s a millionaire based solely on my adventures. The man is incomprehensibly rich.

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