Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite’s Collector’s Edition Is Disappointing

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite’s Collector’s Edition Is Disappointing

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite releases today and has a sizable collector’s edition. The package includes a number of goodies, including statues and replicas, but some fans are rethinking the $299.95 price point after seeing early images of its questionable Infinity Stones.

In addition to a copy of the game, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’s Collector Edition includes four large statues of playable characters Mega Man X, Chun-Li, Captain Marvel and Iron Man, as well as a case holding replicas of the Marvel Universe’s six Infinity Stones. While the preview images showed props that more closely matched the brilliant, distinctive gems from Marvel’s comic and film properties, what arrived on everyone’s doorsteps looked more like Easter eggs.

The issue was first brought to light in by frequent tournament player Dawn “Yohosie” Hosie, who shared a humorous tweet comparing pre-release photos of the Infinity Stones with the actual products crafted by Project Triforce for the bundle. The differences are stark when placed side-by-side; the left image is from Capcom’s own marketing while the right was pulled from a review video that’s since been removed by the owner.

The fighting game community’s reaction to this news was swift, and ranged from simple amusement to outright frustration. Some publicly pondered their decision to preorder the pricey collector’s edition, while many more joked about how crappy the Infinity Stones looked compared to Capcom’s previous claims.

I recently received one of these expensive bundles, and it’s hard to argue with the criticisms. The statues Capcom included with the game seem decent, but the stones and the case they arrive in are cheap and look nothing like Capcom’s preview, even when backlit by the built-in LED lighting. The stones can’t be removed from the case.

We’ve reached out to Capcom for comment, but have yet to hear back. The promotional materials did say the package’s “contents may vary in select regions”. Maybe there’s a lucky someone out there in possession of Infinity Stones that more closely match Capcom’s $299.95 vision.


    • Did you preorder it from EB Games you may be able to refund with their policy and grab standard edition?

    • Oh damn, tell me you got it from a store here, JB, EB, Kmart etc.

      Because if you did and they won’t give you a standard refund, I would be invoking a refund under Australian Consumer Law.
      You can clearly show a distinct difference between the advertised product and the actual product
      (Just screen shot the image here)
      I’m happy to help if your not sure how to go about this, it’s just a straight refund, but they will challenge you unless you can properly present your case.

      • Yep was about to say this. Under our consumer laws you would be entitled to a full refund because the product delivered is not what was advertised.

  • “Collector’s Edition” turns out to be over-priced lump of plastic shite, who’da thought. Maybe some folks ought to reconsider buying these things, given that even the boss of Bethesda called their own collector’s editions “…piece[s] of shit”. (That’s Todd Howard on the version of Fallout 4 that came with a PipBoy accessory). Think of all the smashed avo you’re missing out on.

    • can you quit it with the ‘smashed avo’ crap?
      It wasn’t an entertaining news article when it was released and trying to hold on to it… honestly, its cringeworthy.

      I’m well into my 30’s – im not taking offence at its meaning, its just a pathetic pay out.

    • Any source for that quote? Tried googling and closest I got was him saying he’s not fond(paraphrasing) of “second-screen experiences” but of the ones he’s seen the pip-boy was the best.

  • lol, no sympathy for people who gobble up pre order bonuses and expect them to be worth a damn. Seriously

  • In an industry where showing a better product than you actually ship is common place, we can’t be surprised.

    Ok Internet, best homemade infinity gems for less than $300, Go!!

  • This is a fun game but it looks as good as the infinity eggs it arrived with. Such a painfully gross looking game.
    Also no X-Men characters, because Marvel want to tell us which characters are our favourites now based on what makes them money.

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