Maybe This Is Why Everyone's Mad At NBA 2K18

Despite being this year's instalment of what the Steam store description calls "the highest rated annual sports title," NBA 2K18 has a "Mostly Negative" rating with over 3,000 reviews and counting. I investigated.

The psychedelic spectacle it unfurled unto me shocked me to the core of my guts. I'm speechless. Just watch the video, please, for the sake of all that is holy.


    Hopefully you're reading this before watching the video
    Don't. It's not funny, nor informative. He spends 5 minutes making a big deal about how the game is broken because it's a team of 5 tiny, badly skilled Michael Jordans vs 5 huge, highly skilled Shaq's and then at the end is "Oh right, maybe it's like this because I did all these changes to the stats, whoops haha"

    It's not funny.
    It's not informative.
    It's embarrassing. Also, the attempts at voices fall flat. Please don't.

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      Thank you, like for reals.
      It has literally gotten to the point on this site where i go to the comments by default to see if its worth wasting my time reading or watching the article/video, normally its not.

      Thanks! Saved me some data. Youtube clickbaiting must be the new approach around here.

      you missed one of the main jokes in the thing if you're thinking he was shitting on the game sarcastically.

      it's not a serious review, obviously it isn't informative, i found it mildly amusing and probably worth a watch for me personally but humor is different for everyone

        you missed one of the main jokes in the thing if you're thinking he was shitting on the game sarcastically.

        So he was legitimately shitting on the game because he could change the stats and attributes of the characters around? Oh..kay?

      You know, I ALMOST didn't watch it because of your comment, but I did. The curiosity got the better if me.

      God you were so right.

      Nope... I watched it.... then skipped a bit... then skipped a lot... then it ended and that was the best part.

    If you were upfront in the title about this being video-only, I might have actually watched it. But I clicked on it expecting an article - with words, and actual analysis. This isn't the first time either. Seriously, don't do this again. All you do is build contempt for the Kotaku/Allure brand in your readers (note: readers, not viewers).

    Ironically your metrics will be better now due to my complaint/comment. Such is life.

    I'm not even sure why people are mad at 2k this year.

    They've had the VC system for ages now. You actually start higher skilled (and with a sub role which balances your skills better) than you ever have in mycareer. The only annoying thing is now you pay for hair cuts but all the other things i've seen people complaining about have been in the game for years now and have actually been lessened imo.

    Or is there more issues I've missed?

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    This video in no way at all shows why people are mad about NBA2K18. Cant help but feel this is a feeble attempt by 2K to distract people from the shitshow that is the MyCareer.

    I thought the video was an ad. So scrolled past it to the comments. Once I read "investigation" I was scrolling to find an informative article. Oh well. Perhaps stick to belting out Berlin Chair

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