Modder Gives Battlefield 1942 A HD Remake

GIF: Youtube (ScureHD)

Battlefield 1 is nice and all, but it's not quite the same as the glory days of Battlefield 1942. So one modder is doing what modders do best: giving the iconic FPS a HD remake.

A first version of the Battlefield 1942 Remaster Project is due out early November, with a final release out sometime next year. The idea is to completely overhaul the game's textures, increasing the base ones to 4096x4096 resolution, adding a new skybox, new particle and water effects and better shaders and shadows.

You can see the initial efforts below. It's mostly 1942's desert maps, since that's the bulk of what's completed right now. But eventually all of the original maps will get redone, and it should look a treat at LANs once it is.

You can keep in touch with the project over at ModDB.


    Might be interesting if Kotaku could find out why EA seems to the only Publisher not releasing HD Remakes of its older games.

      I think we will get a fresh one for each. I would say 1942 or 2142 could get a sequel?

    Battlefield 1942 was the first game that actually had me sitting there with my mouth open thinking "holy crap" and that was just the demo on some magazine at the time.

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