Nintendo Will Ship More Mini SNES Stock Next Year

Image: Nintendo

Given the nightmare that was the sales of the NES Mini, people were concerned about missing out on the Mini SNES when it was announced.

If you didn't manage to grab a Mini SNES when pre-orders kicked off earlier this year, don't stress.

The confirmation from Nintendo is helpful, given how limited stock was for the Mini SNES and especially the Mini NES. The production run for both consoles was staggeringly short, with the Japanese giant initially saying they would only ship the Mini SNES until the end of calendar 2017.

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It's nice that Nintendo are at least seeing some sort of reason. Given the popularity of both consoles, it's a bit nuts that more consoles weren't produced to begin with especially given the popularity of emulators. But hey, if you missed out, at least you know now you won't have to rely on a scalper.


    So for those of us that made certain of getting one in the first release, on the belief they would only make them for 2017, they are now less of a collectors item.

    Not that it matters, I wanted one anyway, but its a little annoying for anyone that bought one believing they were going to be far more limited than they will be now.

      I shed absolutely no tears for those people.

      Wow...really? Are you seriously complaining that Nintendo are actually listening to fans and producing more of not just these, but the NES mini as well?

      I preordered mine to make sure I didn't miss out, not because I thought it would be a collector's item.

      I really hope this post is a troll.

        Not trolling, just badly worded. People seem to take offense at the slightest thing these days, rather than clarify. Just look at Gooky below, putting words as a quote that have absolutely no similarity to what I said.

        Come on guys, you've seen me post long enough here to know that's not my style.

        I have very few problems with them making more, let me make that clear. Like you, I pre-ordered to make sure I didn't miss out, and not because I wanted it as a collectors item - that was very poorly worded by me. Many of the games on it went a long way to moulding my love of gaming, and this WILL be played by me. Plenty.

        But this is a far different position than what they said initially, when they were being presented as something that would be on the market for 3 months, and that was it. They were VERY clear initially that they were being made up until December, and that was it.

        The problem I have is that whether people agree or not, its bait and switch by Nintendo, and do people really think they've done it for altruistic reasons? This is now the second time they've created hype out of a limited run console, then made them not so limited. The cynic in me just cant see that as anything but a marketing move that's going to earn them hundreds of millions in revenue.

        That doesn't mean I don't want others to have one. Far from it, there should be as many of these as they can make. It was about Nintendo treating us as rubes. Again.

        The lesson they learnt from the mini NES wasn't that they needed to make more next time, but that they could make more money by severely limiting initial supply and creating FOMO chaos. Its the same panic mode ALDI creates every week, and now Nintendo seems to have made it part of their general strategy.

          Don't worry, if you buy all of them it can still be limited for everyone else.

          It's *still* going to be a limited run release, just not as limited as initially planned/announced.

          I only see it as a good thing that they are not only continuing production of these, but are also returning to producing the mini nes as well.

            I think you probably should understand that nintendo is running a business. So they put out these "limited runs" and it makes people desperate to have one. When the mini NES sold out so quickly it was a great way to ensure that the same thing would happen to the Super NES, and they'll have a few more shipments come out slowly, but not too big because then they will be too easy to get and there won't be any demand. So for all the "collectors" out there, I'm terribly sorry but Nintendo doesn't care about you, Nintendo wants to sell as many of their product as possible, and they'll do that by releasing these "limited" runs as many times as necessary until people realise that everyone has one.

      "I only wanted it because someone else couldn't have it"? Really?

    Better sell mine for 3 times it’s worth before the next shipment!

    There are far too many new games to play. Unless they bring back Gunstar Heroes.

    I went through 10 different stores with 5 different retailers (except EB games, as they s**t me).
    At the time of announcement with word that pre-orders were open from Nintendo no one knew the product existed or had any clue that they would be getting a shipment. I was told by everyone (including two JBHiFi stores) to come back at end of September as the product isn't listed anywhere.
    From reading Kotaku it seams the product is already out and retailers are only selling 5 at a time.
    Can I seriously ask when is the release date of the Mini SNES for AUS as I distinctly remember the mini NES sitting on store shelves for months, with the "sell out" only being manufactured online, and I feel the hype and limitation of the SNES is a farce as it hasn't even left the docks yet. On top of which no one is bothering to find out how many units are actually being delivered.

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