Not Everyone Should Be The Driver In Battlegrounds

Not Everyone Should Be The Driver In Battlegrounds

Anyone asking me to chauffer them around PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds had better be prepared to kiss any of the following things: A large tree, the ground, a wall, or a puddle of their own blood. Thankfully, somebody has outclassed my worst Battlegrounds driving moments, and watching them royally blow it in a recent video made me feel comparatively skilled.


I am not a good driver in Battlegrounds, Rocket League, Burnout or real life. But Battlegrounds is the only game I play where another person must get in my car or they could die. With the blue zone closing in, a speedy escape can mean the difference between a slow death and, well, a more drawn-out one (this is Battlegrounds).

One hundred per cent of the time, I am the wrong person to orchestrate that speedy escape, so I really identified with this post on Reddit’s /r/Battlegrounds this morning, titled, “Every squad has that 1 guy that isn’t allowed to drive.”

It you didn’t catch it, here’s what happened: The driver is sailing along some hills until the car gets some air. Then the driver flips the car, smashing their teammate’s brain into the ground.

For safe measure, they continue flipping the car a half dozen times and, and, before it pummels into a tree, they escape, only to shoot at the devastated vehicle and their very bloody teammate. Boom: A friendly-fire vehicle explosion.

If you, like me, are a wretched Battlegrounds driver, hopefully, this video lets you know you aren’t alone.

(via Reddit)