Official Resident Evil 2 Board Game Appears, Gets Funded In An Hour

Image: Kickstarter

Remember the squillions of dollars people threw at the Dark Souls board game when that was announced? The makers of that are back with their next project, a board game spin-off of Resident Evil 2.

The project was fully funded within an hour of the Kickstarter project going live, which isn't much of a surprise given how successful the Dark Souls game was.

Unlike Dark Souls, this is a co-op experience rather than a competitive affair. Games last around 20 hours supposedly, with players given scenario briefs and layouts detailing the enemies, encounters and items they'll face in a level.

Images: Kickstarter

Players get to choose from Robert Kendo, Ada Wong, Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. The game will also ship with a "fully supported narrative campaign" for a longer experience, or a standalone mode for casual, shorter sessions.

It'll cost you around $120 if you want to back the game and have it shipped to Australia, mind you, although for large games like this that's kind of par for the course. Shipping isn't expected to start until September next year, although just backing the game at this point will get you all future stretch goals (which includes new weapons, extra zombies, and a licker, which is a monster that, well, licks).

There's also ways to spend even more money if you're into that, like a retro-themed pack and an expansion with extra bosses and scenarios. You can read more about that on the campaign page.


    Funded in an hour? Disappointed. Should've been 30 minutes. :P
    Backed the Dark Souls board game and it was amazing. If I had the funds at the moment I'd back this as well.

      How was it for component quality? I'm vaguely pondering this one, even though I don't really board game much/nfi how much it'd get used.

        Besides some slight bending on some of the weapons on the models (just a general issue with plastic figures), gotta say the quality is superb. My only gripe is once you pop all the tokens out there's no extra plastic baggies to put them in so you end up with all these pieces strewn in the bottom of the box.
        Oh, and the cards. My God. They will mix up whilst they're stored. Not the biggest issue since you need to sort them into various treasure stacks at the beginning of each game. Still an annoyance though.

        Last edited 26/09/17 6:54 pm

    Why? Why do they make these things when I have no money now or in the near future to pay for this awesomeness?

    Just a minor note about an error in the article- both the Dark Souls and RE2 board games are co-op/ solo. The Dark Souls board game is not competitive.

    Surprised this was backed so quickly. Dark Souls game isn't particularly good and the kickstarter for it was a shitshow.

      the 4-ish month delay AFTER general retail in US/UK for australian backers to get the dark souls game was a terrible play on their part. NZ backers saw copies in store before they ever got it.

      People are still waiting on their copies of the game and the expansions are all supposed to start arriving next month but production doesn't even appear to be moving ahead.

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