One Of Australia's Most Underplayed Video Games Is Coming To PS4

I've always thought Expand, created by Adelaide's Chris Johnson, was one of Australia's most criminally underplayed video games.

But now it's getting a second chance at life on the PlayStation 4. I recommend it.

We've covered the story of Expand in great depth on this site. It's a difficult story. At one point Expand was a critical darling, seemingly positioned for success, but when it was eventually released it just... didn't sell very well. At all.

Plenty of people close to Chris recommended porting the game to other platforms, and now it's about to happen.

Expand will be available on PS4 from October 3. Well worth checking out.


    Reminds me of the mass effect decryption puzzle to unlock crates/doors, it was just annoying.

      This is nothing like those, despite visual similarities. It's pretty good and I got a couple hours in before getting really stuck on one of the harder puzzles. Heard the gamepad controls were a bit nicer than keyboard controls which is what got me stuck.

    Yesssss this game should so be played! It's fantastic. Would definitely recommend playing it with headphones also. It's quite short in a good way as well, can all be played in a longish sitting. Clever ideas that don't get too overused, great puzzle game.

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