Please Inject Nintendo Switch RPG Octopath Traveller Directly Into My Veins

The team behind Bravely Default is making a Nintendo Switch exclusive called Octopath Traveller. It looks beautiful, and there's a demo out now.

Octopath Traveller is just the working title, although this is Square Enix, so anything goes. It was originally announced at the Switch reveal event in January, and Nintendo showed off more details today during a Nintendo Direct in a four-minute trailer that makes it seem like the type of old-school JRPG I can't get enough of:

Looks like a cross between Saga Frontier and old-school Final Fantasy, with the type of twist on traditional JRPG combat that Bravely Default mastered.

The demo is out today, and Square Enix is clearly looking for feedback before the full game launches in 2018 on Nintendo Switch. I want it now.


    I'm not real sure on the sprites, environments look fantastic but those sprites kinda grind me the wrong way

      Yeah weirdly I had the same feeling. I was a bit irritated with myself that I was judging it on graphics, but then realised something about the premise has alarm bells ringing too.

      To try and put into words the 'gut feeling' I had whilst watching the trailer;

      "Cool, a new old school rpg. By the Bravely Default devs - awesome, I really enjoyed Bravely Default! Except for the repetition, that was cheap and irritating. And the selling point of this is it has 8 stories. Interwoven. Will that mean endless repetition in this too?"

      Yep i'm being very unfair judging it this early/with so little info, but this is the sort of game i expect id be bouncing in anticiption of, just putting words as to why i'm not, will keep an eye out regardless!

        Yeah as will I, but for me its kinda like how they tried to bring FF8 to the HD era and just kinda looked a bit crap. with all that said still looks like a neat game.

      I think the sprites are fine, the lighting it whats making look a little washed out, especially with the way the back drop is rendered, but no gripe with it myself.

        Yeah I think its the way the 2D sprites sit on the 3D backdrop. Still I will keep my eye on this one.

    For me, this was the highlight of the Direct. All of the multiple paths give it the feeling of a spiritual successor to Seiken 3.

    Is this demo out for switch now?

      I have the same question - checked the news - nothing. Checked the store and it's not there.

      I'm guessing we're not going to get it here in OZ.

        The demo is out on switch. Go to the store and then to coming soon and scroll down to find octopath traveller you can then download the demo once you have clicked on the game

          Confirmed and got it.

          Thanks for the directions.

    This makes me think of Legend of Legacy but that only had 7 characters so obviously this one is going to be better with 8 characters. I don't really know how I feel about the visuals though. The sprites feel like they are one "resolution" too low and there is an overabundance of bloom and darkened edges along with weird colour aberrations. There are some really nice visuals but boy are they hard to see with all of the post-processing effects blurring it all together.

    Definitely one I'm going to be carefully reading reviews on first.

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