So, most of you knew yesterday's game was Kirby. And most of you guessed Kirby's Dream Course, so well done!

But will you be as on point today?

Good luck!


    I'm guessing it's one of the point blank games, 90% because you said "But will you be as on point today?"

    Just for the sake of a left field guess, I'll say The Hunt for Red October.

    It'll be some sort of golf game.... Everybodys Golf?

      Now why would you say that sir (you are half correct)

    Looks like a Lucasarts cursor.

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis?

      I think you are right
      Will piggy back of your idea and say Full throttle

    I'll guess TF2 for no other reason than there are crosshairs and the objective is to get on the point. ha.

    This looks like the view in Goldeneye where the player is using the watch laser. It's like you drew the arm such that it would kinda blend in to the ethereal-looking area at the bottom of the image. Neat!

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