Given my excitement over Golf Story yesterday, the ScribbleTaku was always going to be a golf game. And claymore35 picked the game exactly - NES Open Tournament Golf, which comes on the Mini NES.

So new day, new game.

Good luck!


    It wasn't The Hunt for Red October last week, so I can only assume it must be The Hunt for Red October this week. I'm pretty sure that's how physics works.

      You clearly don't understand physics, that's a biological phenomenom.

        You have no idea either. Its an astrological phenomenon.

    Supercars 1 or 2 on the Amiga?

    If I have to pick one or the other, I'll say Supercars 2 because that was the awesome one.

      Dang nam it. I was about to come and say that too after realising that Carnage was a similar game but didn't have those cars...

    Root'n Toot'n Racin!

    I spent many an afternoon playing that classic unknown indie gem.

    Death Rally

    Someone already guessed Micro Machines so I'll go with...

    Ironman's Super Offroad Racer

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