Nice work GM_Ian. Yesterday's game was Super Cars 2 on the Amiga. Quite a few picked it up, although some others popped for Micro Machines instead.

Anyway, see if you can continue the streak (or redeem yourselves) with today's game.

Good luck!



      It's not Tetris, cause Tetris never had a shape like that only 2 blocks wide. This is one of those Tetris clones.

      I think it might actually be the "Puzzle Kombat" mode in Mortal Kombat: Deception.

    Well it looks like Tetris, but surely it can't be Tetris.

    Columns. Might as well, seeings all the other tetris type games are already named.

    It looks like Lumines.... but it's missing two blocks.

    Isn't it Pengo, that game with the penguin pushing blicks around?

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