Scythe Is Getting Ported To PC And Mobile Next Year

Scythe Is Getting Ported To PC And Mobile Next Year
Image: Kotaku

Already a good use of a couple of hours, the very excellent Scythe is coming to mobiles and PC.

Board Game Geek went to GenCon and confirmed with Asmodee Digital (which is also working on Catan VR) that the steampunk tabletop strategy game is getting a digital port later.

Initially it was believed that the game would only be coming to PC, as Asmodee had omitted Android/iOS references out of their first press release. But it was later confirmed that mobile ports are still coming, just not at the same time as the Steam release.

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Scythe won’t get its digital release until next year, however. If you want to play it without dropping $120+ on the physical version, you can buy the Scythe DLC for Tabletop Simulator, although your mileage with that may vary.

Until then, take solace in the fact that some very good board games have gotten mobile ports lately: Race to the Galaxy, which is excellent, along with Mysterium. And just for added measure, Carcasssone is getting an Android and PC release later this year too. Good times.

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