Shaq, Marshawn Lynch, And J.Lo Are On A Computer To Tell You About The Overwatch League

Shaq, Marshawn Lynch, And J.Lo Are On A Computer To Tell You About The Overwatch League

The time has come to celebrate, for Shaquille O’Neal — Overwatch guru and the guy from that bad genie movie — has officially announced the roster for San Francisco’s Overwatch League squad. “The squad is stacked! These boys are ready,” screamed Michael Strahan, a man with deep ties to the Overwatch community and also the Bay Area. “Oh yeah, let’s bring it on!”

If you aren’t already prepared to get the names of the San Francisco Overwatch squad tattooed on your body, you won’t be able to resist after this, um, tremendous video reveal.

I suppose the premise is that Sombra herself is operating the computer, which could explain why the celebrity half of the video is full of smash cuts between programs, which seem intended to show the viewer, We have a computer with many programs on it.

As someone who doesn’t know how Adobe Premier works, I’m impressed. As someone who considers Marshawn Lynch the true mayor of Oakland, I’m even more impressed. I don’t really know why nobody told the talent to turn their phones sideways, but whatever.

Perhaps the greatest part is that Jennifer Lopez’s segment makes it seem like she herself crafted the roster. As for that team that she maybe scouted, they’re introduced sitting in chairs before a very short highlight plays.

The first Lucio boop is cool, but even then, I’m not exactly sure that many of these highlights show off how great (and they really are great) the team’s players are.

NRG Esports, who is behind the team, announced today that they’d secured $US15 ($19) million in funding, primarily from sports-adjacent Bay Area investors.

The team will move to Southern California for the next Overwatch League season, which means Lynch sadly won’t be around as much.


  • So we’ve got washed up basketball star, somebody I’ve never heard of, and a washed up popstar… and they were all willing to sell a few minutes to advertise a product they’ve probably never heard of? Now that’s some news!

    • Shaq has a net value of 350million, doesn’t sound very washed up.

      J.lo about 360million

      And the guy you’ve never heard of is a big name NFL player who is a known gamer a big gamer. In interviews they have asked what he did to celibrate after some big win and his answer was play over watch for days.

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