Skyrim Cosplayer Joins Christians For His Own Religious Protest

Skyrim Cosplayer Joins Christians For His Own Religious Protest

Photos: cwbonds & Dim Horizon

Every year at Dragon Con, there are some Christian protesters hanging around angry that everyone is loving nerd shit instead of Jesus. And almost every year, Heimskr from Skyrim is there to join them in their preaching.

Cosplayer Jacob Kevinsson has been dressing as the Skyrim preacher and attending Dragon Con since 2014, and most times he does, he finds the protests, slides in and expresses his own views on who is damned, who is forsaken and who is not welcome in God’s Talos’ Kingdom.

Here he is joining the protests that popped up along the route of Dragon Con’s famous parade over the weekend:

Photo: cwbonds

Photo: cwbonds

What the photo can’t show, though, is that he doesn’t just show up and walk around. He knows the speeches and becomes Heimskr, as you can see in this video from his 2015 appearance:

Very good.

We’ll have more features and galleries from Dragon Con to come over the next couple of weeks.


  • What secret sins do the Christians believe the attendees to have?
    Are we talking ‘God knows your browser history’ here?
    Just wondering.

    • Don’t they see all who don’t believe in jebus and his dad as a sin….you know, Kratos, Thor, the daedric princes etc etc…

    • They think roleplaying is a gateway for demons to enter your head. There was a massive overreaction from some fundies over D&D in the 70s and 80s. They thought there was actually instructions for creating magical fireballs in there, and that roleplaying a devotee of Kurtulmak (Or that wimp Lathander) meant you were on a one way path to raping babies in satanic rituals. The irony.

      • man the D&D panic was amazing back in the day.. it didn’t really take off to the mid 80’s.

        I still remember actually being told off in high school (Yes here in Australia) for it. I still have no idea why they made us go to a religious lesson at a public high school in the 80’s but I had that teacher go absolutely ape shit at me.. My horrific sin? I happened to be reading a final fantasy game book.

        Hell they tried to ban rpg’s at my school until we sat some teachers down and actually showed them what role playing was. “Oh it’s interactive story telling.. that’s it?”

        So they stopped bothering us after that and with the heat off we could get back to sacrificing babies to Cthulhu and having naked orgies in the woods at night

        • I went to a tech school for secondary in the 80s, so I didn’t get forced into religious ed after primary. I just got beat up for knowing what role playing games were. I think I came out ahead.

  • God doesn’t give a flying spaghetti monster about proper spelling and grammar, yet chooses to focus solely on sin and carnality. The dude’s a perv.

    • People who are fixated on the sex lives of others are a bit of a worry. The strange fantasies of Corey Bernardi come to mind. I suppose the same goes for deities.

    • Spelling and grammar are actively opposed. The last thing these people want to deal with is a well-educated populace.

  • This is brilliant, Rather than just plainly calling these people out for what they are (Window licking morons) he does this comedic brilliance.

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