So Who Won Our Ark: Survival Evolved MS Paint Comp?

Image: @buckles

Recently, we asked you to draw us some dinosaurs in MS Paint for a chance to win a copy of Ark: Survival Evolved on your platform of choice. Holy crap, you should see some of the entries we got.

A huge thank you to everyone who got involved! Here are our amazing winners. If you're one of them, look out for an email very soon!

Kill Serrels by @hatchdog

Image: @hatchdog

I'll reward anything that personally victimises Serrels. Great work.

Make Love by @theslime

Image: @theslime

Just... Jesus Christ those tongues.

Zapper by @gadam86

Image: @gadam86

This is just straight up stunning. Beautiful job.

Ark Battlegrounds by @buckles

Image: @buckles

This may be the greatest entry we have gotten for any competition ever. Pandering to our Battlegrounds love AND having the artistic talent to back it up? A+.

Walk The Dinosaur by @stevorooni

Image: @stevorooni

Because that song is awesome.

Baryonyx by @sniperqueen111

Image: @sniperqueen111

This is beautiful.

Diplo by @ourlordodin

Image: @ourlordodin

Absolutely adorable.

Bob Ross by @mr-pudds

Image: @mr-pudds

Who doesn't love a bit of Bob Ross?

Everyone Poops by @hiredgoons

Image: @hiredgoons


You Talkin'To Me by @scovin

Image: @scovin

The artwork is super cute and it made me laugh.


    Love how some of them have the paint tools in the shot too

    Hey I won! Thanks heaps guys, looking forward to playing it :D

    P.s. Sorry Serrells, but a dino's gotta eat...

    Sweet, thanks. Congrats to the others too

    Haha these are great, congrats to the winners!

    I wasn't really expecting to win, today is a good day!

    congrats!! everyone I might not have won but im really happy for all of you because you all did really good and I love your artwork so I hope u have fun playing ark time to work on getting $100 dollars.... still congrats:D

    Wow - awesome! I think this is the first thing I've ever won, AND it's my birthday! Thanks guys

    Oh come on, you totally missed out on saying Bob Rawrs.

    Congrats to the winners, though to be honest here, us readers were the real winners seeing these awesome works of art!

    i won?? i WON!!
    Scrolling through and seeing all the masterpieces, I made peace with my dino-doodle not being up to scratch, but I was shocked & ecstatic to find my pic last on the list!
    Thanks heaps Kotaku and readers/viewers. Keep on keepin-on!

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