Somehow, There Hasn’t Been A Crappy Game Of Thrones Mobile Strategy Game Until Now

Somehow, There Hasn’t Been A Crappy Game Of Thrones Mobile Strategy Game Until Now

If ever there was an entertainment property ripe to be transformed into a Game of War-style mobile multiplayer strategy game, it’s Game of Thrones. It looks like Warner Bros. and Turbine have finally gathered enough clip art to make Game of Thrones: Conquest happen.

In testing in select markets and now accepting pre-registration at its official website, Game of Thrones: Conquest is another one of those games in which players build and upgrade castles, recruit troops and band together to be better than the other people who’ve banded together.

You know, one of these.

You know, one of these.

What differentiates it from other games in the genre is that the characters who guide you through the process are from Game of Thrones instead of, say, Final Fantasy 15.

It opens with a splash screen featuring some dated artwork of two of the show’s most popular characters.

And from there we launch into an endless cycle of harvesting resources to craft buildings and recruit troops in order to gather more resources to craft better buildings and recruit stronger troops.

Those troops are deployed on the world map to gather even more resources. Eventually players start forming alliances and attacking each other.

As all of this is going on we get helpful guidance from captioned pieces of Game of Thrones art. Like Daenerys in the image atop this post, who is the same piece of art from the splash screen, only flipped.

Jon Snow’s art makes an appearance in the early moments of the game, warning of White Walkers wandering about the city, which makes the timeline of this game very confusing.

Tyrion serves as the player’s faithful adviser, doling out tasks and rewarding the player for completing them with special items, experience and resources.



But if they really want to rake in the resources, players can shell out money for special content packs. Note the prices are in Philippine pesos, as I am playing a version being tested over there. The content packs are tied to characters from the show and feature quotes to make them more authentic.

Man, look how young Jaime looks in his “Crafting Pack.” I guess he’d have to have both hands for crafting.

Game of Thrones: Conquest is coming to iOS and Android devices later this year.


  • I tried some horrible Game of Thrones game for about 2 minutes before realising it was just a skin of these horrible types of games.

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