Sonic The Hedgehog Is Teaming Up With Hooters (Yes, Hooters)

While Sega says it's created guidelines for Sonic, the assumption would be that promoting-Sonic-with-Hooters falls under them. I guess? Today at the Tokyo Game Show, Sega announced that it will be collaborating for a Sonic Forces promotion.

Image: 4Gamer

Staring this October, as reported by 4Gamer, there will be a Sonic Forces promotional tie-up at Hooter restaurants in Tokyo.

Image: 4Gamer

Further details will be revealed at a later date.


    Staring this October ...
    Or trying not to stare, presumably? ?

    Wow, sega must be getting pretty desperate to sink that low.

    Sega: "We know Sonic Forces is shit, so why don't we collaborate with a titty bar so we can earn at least half of our profit goal"

      Still not as low as the Mario brothers movie.

        Nice "insult" if you can call it that :P

          That movie was an insult... TO MY EYES!

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