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  • Wow, this is the first time I’ve stumbled onto a TAY that wasn’t 500 comments deep with 0% chance of getting a response. This is my chance!

    Did anyone here get anything from the EBGames poster competition?

  • I woke up to this –

    Crossing my fingers, hoping this will be the next proper Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, and not some mobile game with microtransactions.

  • @cffndncr
    Don’t forget, CNE is on! Assuming you’re still kicking around Toronto.

    Food I have my eye on:
    The great Canadian โ€” The King of Curds: Deep fried battered cheese curds. Choice of sweet or savoury sauce, but man, just go with the gravy. It’ll be like poutine without potato.
    Pork Bun โ€” The Juicy Oink: pork skin, slow-roasted five spice pork belly, and a Shanghai pork dumpling, some more pork cooked some other ways stuffed in a bun and topped with Okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and honey-apple slaw.
    Stuffed Doritos โ€” Farm to Fryer: Deep fried cheese stuffed Doritos because I’m a fat bastard.
    Yataiโ€™s Last Samurai: A beef patty, cheese, chicken katsu, cabbage, wedged between a ramen bun.

    Get some in ya.

  • Been enjoying No Mans Sky again (enjoyed it the first time too)

    One thing that is annoying is the “contact” / discovered by other players stuff.

    My supposedly 16 gazillion planets have been tainted by someone else (i personally dont want to find another player)

    Going to find a black hole and hopefully get my own little corner of the universe to explore at my own pace, the thought that someone else has been there before really annoys me for some reason.

    • When NMS first came out, I had that exact problem myself. Second system in had been discovered by someone else. And because there are only a limited number of Atlas stations, it meant I was following them the whole way. So I jumped in the first black hole I found for the same reason.

      Needed to fix the ship, but it worked. There were no other fingerprints in that patch of the universe.

      PC is (still) busted, so I cant go back to that save game for a bit, but I picked up a cheap 2nd hand copy on the PS4 last week, and am enjoying it again from the comfort of the lounge. While its still a bit light on action, the additions over the last 12 months have added considerably to the overall feel of the game now.

  • Next batch of completed games. Deathspank: The Baconing. Was never really that big a fan of Deathspank. I found the humour to be forced and the gameplay to be a real grind. The third game at least fixes the latter. It’s more evenly paced, less backtracking, and the game ends before it wears out.

    Sonic Mania, a beloved return to classic Sonic. Loved the boss fights and the overall style. My only problem is that it had one too many callbacks and the Bluesphere mini-game, while fun, have most of their layouts ripped straight from Sonic 3. Was annoyed about that.

    South Park: The Stick of Truth. Finally got around to it. Everybody’s already said enough about this, it feels like an episode of South Park. What I enjoyed the most was how challenging the game was. Many battles required more than simply bashing with attack and even using status effects. Regularly used bleed to bypass enemy armour. Although the difficulty does ease up once you unlock Kyle and Cartman as they both have almost instant death abilities.

    Blade Kitten, a fun little Australian game (based on a lame webcomic don’t cha know). It’s simple and has a certain charm about it. I found myself surprisingly liking the main character. The levels are really huge and there’s a lot to explore. Although the game is really janky. I found myself doing a slide attack on the ceiling, twice.

    Army of Two: 40th Day. I have put off a lot of co-op games cause I was always waiting for someone to play them with me. After so many years I just decided to put this in. It’s pretty good with it’s Aggro system. Even with an A.I. I felt like I was outsmarting enemies. Although I eventually noticed I was just bouncing back and forth with the system. Let my partner get their attention, flank and get their attention, wait until my partner gets their attention and repeat. The story seems really non-existent, like, I don’t really know what was happening. Turns out the whole thing was your fault at the start. Also I found it to be a bit short.

    Wolfenstein 3D. I know it’s weird to go back to such an old game, but how many people have played but never beaten the original? I was surprised by the A.I. in the game. They can be flanked, chase you down, recognise gun fire. Surprisingly advanced for its time. However I found the maps to be really lame. Many layouts looked like how I’d design a map from when I was 10. “lol let’s have the player run circles to the center” “Let’s put swastikas corridors everywhere”. I know it’s weird to criticise a game from like, 1992. I found the game more bearable when I had the map layouts to look at. But looking back I can see why Doom so easily eclipsed it.

  • I see the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive have both come down massively in price and now include the controllers.
    Has anyone taken the plunge since the price drop?
    Have any new games or experiences worth playing come out in the last 6 months since I last used my rift?

    • I picked up a Rift with the price drop, but have been mostly catching up on established stuff – Superhot VR, Hotdogs, Horsehoes and Hand Grenades, etc. That said, Robo Recall is pretty new, iirc, and is pretty fun (tho the intro is absolutely terrifying).

      • Hey Trike!
        Long time no speak!

        I’m not playing Destiny 2 at the moment, but I’m planning on picking it up this week at some stage ๐Ÿ™‚
        You can help show me the ropes when I do pick it up if you want ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Not sure if anyone even reads TAY any more, but @alexwalker I have a question for you and other PC gaming folks.

    I’m looking into upgrading my old Dell 27″ Ultrasharp monitor that I’ve had since around 2011. It’s served me well and there’s nothing particularly wrong with it, but it’s got some annoying input lag and since it has a CFL backlight it gets stupidly hot.

    What I’m currently tossing up is whether to get a 34″ Ultrawide, get a matched pair of higher spec 27″ @ 1440p, or go a bit bigger (32″?) and get a 4K monitor. Power won’t be a problem, as I have a GTX 1080 to push the pixels. G-Sync ideal.

    Which would you recommend, and which would you recommend?

    • I would personally go the 27″ 1440p route, rather than 4K. You can still have two 720p windows on a single screen side-by-side, and having that second monitor is useful in a range of scenarios where you want to enjoy a fullscreen app without having to dedicate your entire workflow to it.

    • There are some 27-32″ 4k g–sync monitors around, but they’re only 60Hz atm. They’re available from Asus, Acer, AOC and I think Viewsonic atm. There are some 120Hz+ ones on the horizon, though the Acer and Asus ones have been delayed til 2018. Viewsonic showed one off just recently, but not 100% sure when it’s due, as they didn’t have any date for release, but I’m guessing they’re trying to get it out soon. Possibly already available in US, but not 100% certain.

    • Oj, and there’s also a 32 or 34″ Dell OLED 4k screen too. Possibly has HDR from memory, but I an’t recall if it has G-sync. It does have a damn impressive response time of 0.1ms g2g though!

  • I am sorry Tay. I have been busy.

    There were almost issues with pax meat, but they have been resolved. I am also looking into catering so people don’t have to get dinner

  • Since completing everything I’ve wanted to in Destiny, I’ve started playing games in my backlog. Trying to burn through a lot of story campaigns by skipping side missions and playing on easy. So far smashed through Gravity Rush remastered, and going through Gravity Rush 2 right now. Next will be MGS5 The Phantom Pain, but not sure if I’ll finish that before Destiny 2 arrives in 2 weeks

    • Yeah, although I’m dipping into Destiny for a quick match here and there, I spent most time this weekend playing Uncharted 4, and I finished The Witness main puzzle path and found the credits. ๐Ÿ™‚

      (I may also have spent a little time in Elite:Dangerous)

      • I’m replaying Uncharted 4. I’m trying to get all the collectables and get that Platinum trophy for it. Also replaying Uncharted 3 to get the Platinum.

        Such great games, still remember that i managed to get the platinum in Uncharted 2 within 3 days of release, because i was a teenager with way to much time on my hands.

        I’ve really got to buy The Witness sometime soon. Looks so good.

        • If it’s single player trophies only, I might have a chance, but I haven’t touched multiplayer in Uncharted (or Tomb Raider reboot) so I think those platinums (platini? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) are probably out of reach.

  • After funnelling all of my time and money into this project, the end is finally in sight!

    On Saturday i get married, and then we get to see how that investment pans out! :p

    I see now that it’s basically just planning a party, but boy did it feel like way more work!

  • I thought it would be worth noting for those that don’t have a 3DS yet, or are looking to upgrade, the SNES edition of the New Nintendo 3DS XL is coming to Australia (in addition to Europe as announced the other day). EB Games is already taking pre-orders for it – not sure what the demand will be like for it, but I decided to go for it and will sell my current 3DS

  • Went out for a late lunch with a mate today to another mates bar, had to try their burger of the week special. Was called “The Matador” 2x 220G beef patties, double cheese, tomato, lettuce, grilled chorizo (a whole one, sliced mind you!) & a special home made jalepeรฑo crรจme fraรฎche sauce. Fuck it was amazing. Also had a pint of my favourite beer Balter XPA!

      • Jesus, that thing’s a monster. Did you manage to finish it, or are you basically set for lunches for the next three weeks?

        I’ve been going simple recently, there’s a place that delivers in Sydney called Burger Project (some kind of spinoff project of Rockpool), that does (among others) a great simple American cheeseburger and malted milkshakes that are addictive as fuck.

        • I finished the bastard. Took me like 20 minutes though. Wasn’t hungry until like 2pm the next day though. haha.

          My mate got their signature burger The Big Ed, which comes with 2x 220g patties, but opted for the double so there was 4 of those, 2 pounds of beef… He was tossing up getting it, and I was all “Man it’s like $5 more for it, just YOLO it” so he did. When it came out, we were both all “Ah shit what have we got ourselves into”

          Also they have these Mac & Cheese deep fried balls at the moment, with a siracha tomato ketchup, fuck they were good.

          That place sounds pretty epic. Nothing beats a good burger imo.

  • That article about the PUBG player infiltrating the red shirt gang won’t let you scroll down to the comments.

    I’m guessing this was done to prevent me from saying how I saw it a week ago :p

  • So an aside issue that I’ve wanted to bring up for a while, but was never sure the best way to ask or how to go about it for everyone.

    I’ve been thinking about putting together an official Kotaku Discord server. I understand there’s the unofficial one already, but that’s a space that people have already established and I don’t want to stomp all over that.

    Idea would be a general place for people to hang out, play some games together, and maybe also be something that we could use when doing Let’s Plays/livestreams that everyone could jump in and join in.

    What does everyone think?

    • I’d definitely be down for that. We have one of the better internet communities here, unless politics comes up.

      Will you force all the staff to join up?

    • I’ve had discord installed for a while, but I hardly use it cos most of the people I chat to are still on skype, and that suits us for the most part, but I’d certainly give it a look see. Could be interesting

    • I’d be mildly supportive. Not a big fan of Discord but I am on there and TAY is a fairly alright community. KotakAU’s not that bad either.

    • if you do set something up, I’ll let users of the unofficial one know as well. Might make it easier to organise pax meats too

    • Sure, why not? We went through countless TeamSpeak servers before landing on this Discord, why not head over onto another.

    • Seems okay, I need to start using Discord more anyway.

      How will you moderate it? One of the reasons Kotaku’s community was reasonably nice was that it was well-moderated IMO.

      • Initially it’ll be a pretty small server, I imagine, so there shouldn’t be a vast amount of moderation required. But generally, the idea is for it to be – and I hope everyone takes this in the best possible way – a no fuckwit zone.

  • OK, going off the response then (thank you, by the way!) I’ll move forward with this. It’ll be a quiet thing at first, and probably just have myself and Tegan in officially, at least until everything’s properly setup .

  • Bleh.
    Been in bed sick since Wednesday morning, but I feel like I’m at the tail-end of it.
    It has basically killed my mood this whole week, and I’ve just been feeling like crap since. ๐Ÿ™

  • Sup.

    Been an interesting week.. On Sunday when I was out walking Chilli we got attacked by a dog at a local sports field, the damn thing came from someone’s house. She’s okay. Sustained some damage to one of her paws, but the vet gave her the all okay otherwise. Week has been so busy between work & life. I only got a chance to get to the local council to report it yesterday, but the ranger was very quick to get back to me and wants to get this matter resolved as we can’t have such a dog out roaming. He’s had me write up a statement of events that occurred so if he does find the dog in question something can be done about it, like I just don’t want this to happen to anyone else, especially any kids. It was fucking frightening enough for me, especially since Chilli slipped her harness & just fled. She ran all the way home, which was across 4 lanes of traffic on what is normally a very busy road & we were still about 3km from home at the time. I’m proud of her for going home & knowing where home is, but holy fuck I was worried someone was going to run her over.

    But other than that, i’ve managed to do on average 20km a day of walking between walking Chilli & work, some days like yesterday were closer to 30km. Which is awesome.

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