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  • Good morning everyone. How was your weekend?

    For the first time I delved into overclocking an old PC I scrapped together. Took the old Core 2 Quad from 2.66GHz to 3.2GHz which is apparently stable. Hopefully it doesn’t explode on me! It really needs an SSD though, anybody know where to get one cheap?

    • There’s plenty of good cheap ones around. Depends on where you’re located as to where might be best to grab one though.
      There’s plenty of 120gb ssd’s around for about $70, or if you want even cheaper, sometimes you can find 60gb Kingstons for around the $50 mark, but they’re getting harder to find now, as they’re being phased out. Also, the 60gb ones do only tend to be about as fast as a Raptor drive (10,000 RPM HDD). Most of the 120gb ones around now will be faster than that. Even the WD Green 120gb has transfer speeds up to 540Mb/sec, and they’re only $70
      Personally, I’d recommend a Kingston 120GB SSD Now UV400. Current price at my local store is $78, but has read and write speeds of up to 550Mb/sec.
      One to avoid would be Sandisk 120Gb. They’re $70 atm, and while read speed is respectable (over 500), the write speed is only a pathetic 140Mb/sec.

  • Sup.

    Been looking at flights this morning to Newfoundland, Canada, return with QANTAS for less than 3k seems pretty reasonable. Thinking of visiting next year during their summer. I’ll mention it to my friend who lives there to see if they’d be down with me visiting for a week or so. I also wouldn’t mind dropping by Vancouver, especially if LinusTechTips do their LTX event again & to see a friend there. I also wouldn’t mind going to Nova Scotia to see another friend. But it all depends.

    • I mostly want to go to Newfoundland (well St. John’s) cause it’s just a beautiful place & my friend who lives there keeps teasing me with all these beautiful places she hikes or mountain bikes in & she has 3 awesome doggies ๐Ÿ˜€

      • See, I figured it was because you watched all of Republic of Doyle and by the end of the sixth season you’d developed a yearning for quaint seaside towns and adorable accents.

        • I have not even heard of that show lol.

          I gotta say I like the appeal of that part of Canada, not densely populated, but with enough creature comforts to make it seems like it’s not too remote. A bit like where I live now lol.

  • Managed to finish off Path of Exile’s campaign last night – man, that final boss is a doozey. Up to that point, every boss has been spectacular – mechanically interesting, though the damage they dish out is a bit much for my liking, and some bosses (looking at you, Innocence) having occasionally unavoidable near-fatal damage. But Kitava… got so frustrated that I accidentally clicked “go to town” instead of “go to checkpoint” and had to run through the two preceding areas to get back to the boss and start over… twice. So much bullcrap… But got it done eventually.

    Now to kill time until D2 on Wednesday morning… might get a few extra levels and try out some maps…

      • Mmm, I only just downloaded PoE at the insistence of a mate of mine who was a massive D2 player back in the day. I’ve spent a lot of time playing PUBG in the last few months, so an ARPG would be a nice change I think.

        • Try not to be too intimidated by the skill tree – it’s nowhere near as complicated as it looks, and it’s got some really interesting passives, but does require some forethought as you get around 80-90 skill points but only about 20 refund points by the end of the campaign… Enough to fix something that’s not working, but not enough to start over.

      • Finished UC4 last weekend. Naughty Dog by numbers, spectacular. Nice epilogue. Maybe a bit too much flab in the middle sections (the random mercenary ouposts are fun, but don’t make much sense sometimes and the jeep section and towers section just a little long).

        D2 on my desk. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I finished the campaign last night… I was a little worried when they said they were scrapping grimoire cards, but they’ve done a great job… many *squee* moments during the campaign, and some amazing set-up for future content.

          • My wife wandered past my desk earlier.

            I’m thinking about taking a bath this evening. If I leave you alone with your new game, will you be upset?

            She’s funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

            So about 8pm I’ll be on!

  • Ha… I’ve just been put in charge of running the online department at work tonight. This should be fun. I’ve been sort of 2nd in charge most nights anyway, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I want more responsibility & more hours, this seems like a good way to get them.

      • Eh, I did alright. I didn’t go over the deli orders properly however & 2 were not picked, my own fault. The only reason deli had no pre-picked them was due to them dropping in late. There were a few out of stocks that I wasn’t sure what to substitute them for, but the boss corrected all that in the morning. So over all it wasn’t too bad. I think i’m back to my sort of 2nd in charge role for the rest of the week I hope since Keith will be there & he’s an ex-online manager, so he can do all the hard work ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Next collection of completed games, Ratchet and Clank: Gladiator. I kinda always avoided this game cause I thought it was a multiplayer focused game and what person played multiplayer on PS2? Decided to give it a go and it was pretty good. It focuses more on combat than platforming but there’s no problem if you expect that. Had a nice variety of challenges and while it wasn’t as subtle about consumerism it does poke fun at producers thinking they can force popular characters onto its audience.

    I played the PS3 version and there were a lot of visual glitches though. Sometimes pupils didn’t load or eyebrows stuck out through peoples glasses. Several cutscenes had this weird stuttering effect where models were skipping frames. But still pretty decent.

    Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. I’ll be honest, until I saw it in the PSN store I had no idea this game even existed. This game was ok, even if the time travel story is really out there. However, I was ultimately disappointed cause there were no heist missions. I remember back in Sly Cooper 2 you would do a lot of prep work and then pull off a heist for important items. But in this game the heists barely extended past, ‘Go into big bads house and beat everyone up’. Considering the theme of the franchise on theft it was a real let down.

    However I really loved the environments. It’s all cartoony but there was so much effort and detail put into every part of the levels.

    Freedom Planet. Put this off for a while, even watch 2BFP playthrough of it but finally decided to play it when it came out on PS4 for Australia two weeks ago. Playing in Classic mode, cause I wouldn’t be able to sit through those cringey cutscenes, also on hard and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Everybody’s already talked about how it’s the true Sonic sequel (before Mania) even if I did have a few problems with it.

    For example, I find no point in a lives system where a game over allows you to start from the same checkpoint. I eventually stopped collecting crystals cause they only served the purpose of a life-up once you get 300 (although they do refill your special meter). Probably would have been better if they extended your life or something, give me a reason to collect them.

    I also had a problem with hit boxes on bosses. They reach a point where bosses start throwing out unfair attacks where the hitboxes are hard to read. For example, one boss opens the fight with a ground shock wave attack. There’s no way to avoid it the first time through. I also found myself abusing invincibility frames just to avoid certain attacks because there was no obvious tell or wind up. One of the final bosses has a screw attack that has no build up, he just becomes a hitbox and bounces around the level.

    Even so, it’s a really good game, just don’t try hard mode.

    D&D: Daggerdale. Which I keep typing as Daggerfall for some reason. It’s a simplified game of D&D where characters and classes are already pre-determined. It’s not a long game and it’s designed for multiple playthroughs with friends. But even then it’s still lacking. It has a pointless level up system where everything should be automated and all equipment should be auto equipped to the highest. There’s really not much to this game, they should have focused more on making it a better entry level game for D&D rather than what they did.

    Also still playing Titanfall 2 Frontier Defense. Really want people who know how to play FD so I can complete Master waves, cause so many people have no idea what the hell they are doing. Last night I was gobsmacked to see our tanks chasing down Mortar Titans instead of defending the Harvester.

  • Two things with my computer;

    1) First attempt at overclocking was a lot simpler than I thought it would be. The Gigabyte mobo makes it stupid easy… Took my 6600K from 3.5Ghz to 4Ghz straight off, and was playing PUBG for an hour last night with no issue. Might leave it there for a week or two, then bump it a little higher.

    2) Apparently plugging an m.2 SSD into my mobo effectively turns off two SATA ports… This is problematic when the SSD with windows on it is on one of those ports…

    • That second one is a common issue across a lot of motherboards. In their defence, they do mention it in the manual. But hey, it’s a learning experience! Hopefully your board has enough ports to just switch over to another one.

      • From the sound of it, it’s related to the PCIE lanes (or lack thereof) that people have been banging on about lately since Threadripper was announced. One of the main arguments for more lanes was people using multiple GPUs and M2 drives etc, so I assume this is the result when there’s too few lanes for the devices I have plugged in (a single GTX1080, a SATA SSD, and now the M2 drive as well.)

        • It’s complicated and comes down to the chipset and how the motherboard distributes lanes, in the end. Generally speaking though, M2 uses chipset lanes rather than CPU lanes (so it doesn’t interfere with running GPUs), but there are limited lanes available to the chipset so to have the lanes available for the M2 drive it disables a SATA pair instead.

  • So, plan was to get up at 4:30-5am to sneak a few hours of D2 in before work. Instead, my stupid head woke up at 3, and wouldn’t go back to sleep. Upside is I’m nearly six hours in and loving it; downside is I’m gonna definitely crash and burn around 4pm…

    • I suppose I should be relieved that console users are going to be able to work out the worst of the bugs and connetivity issues, and hopefully the PC version is even better than I hear the beta was, but still… I hate having to wait another six weeks…

      • Yea, it really sucks for PC gamers, but better to wait than to release it before it’s ready. At least this will be a once-off – I think they said that once the PC version launches, all content (events, DLC, raids, etc) will release simultaneously on all platforms.

      • It took me a while to get used to – but I’ve also had to get used to PoE meaning “Path of Exile”, “Pillars of Eternity” and “Prison of Elders” depending on context, when the latter two vastly complicated the acronym in the space of about 2 months in 2015. Also, Heart of the Swarm, Heroes of the Storm, I was half expecting Blizzard to rebrand their card game “Hearth of the Stone” ๐Ÿ˜›

        A second game sharing Diablo 2’s acronym after 17 years isn’t really that hard by comparison ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I had the same when Titanfall 2 came out, people kept referring to TF2 and I wasn’t sure if it was Team Fortress 2 or Titanfall 2.

  • So fucking tired. Had a belated father’s day dinner last night cause I worked Sunday & Monday night, dad & I got stuck into the presents I got him which were a Brown Brothers Noble Riesling Dessert Wine & a Penfolds Father Grand Tawny. Both were awesome. There was also a 2012 bottle of shiraz that we had with dinner.

      • I didn’t feel bleh or anything. Just tired. Probably cause I stayed up til 2 or 3am chatting to my friend on the East Coast of Canada, and then I got up at 8am to start my day, heh.

        • On this note, I was up in Sydney over the weekend for a family shindig, and I discovered my dad has been making alcoholic ginger beer… Ow, my head…

          • Haha. That stuffs good. I make alcoholic ginger beer, along with a variety of beers & a cider or two ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Hey everyone. I’m sorry I am neglecting you, I am the worst ;_;

    Pax meat is on once again. If you are going to pax, there is a meat up with Taybies new and old. I hope to see a few of you there

  • Hi

    I am currently visiting family on the Gold Coast and while I havr been staying with them I was given a simple task; get my introvert brother out more.

    I have taken him to GC Games Workshop and I scouted out Goodgames as he is a bit of geek, but I was really trying to find some regular D&D groups as he took an interest in my group back in Alice.

    Does anyone know of any geeky weekend clubs between the GC and Coomera?

  • So feeling quite tired and all because of some damn pubs in vermintide
    Just getting into it and a friend and I were planning to go for a 3 tome run for the first time. So we grabbed the first 2 tomes and were heading towards the next area when a couple of pubs jumped into our game. Then proceeded to rush the level, ignoring the last tome as well as chat.
    So it was already late and this was going to be my last run but ended up saying I would miss bedtime and do another run and set it private. Again wasn’t to bad however it is quite tough to get a bot to carry a tome all the way to the end of the level, the moment they see a health pot/kit they drop it. So it prob took an extra 10-15 minute on the run trying to die enough that one of them would use their health kit on me and pickup the tome again.
    We eventually managed it by having my friend drag the bots to one side of the map and then I got jumped by an assassin on the other side of the map.
    But we eventually did it even if I do feel I’m lacking in sleep now

  • Fucking hell. I work with some toxic people. We recently just got a 2IC for nightfill. Before that it was either of 2 blokes who had the experience just ran Friday or Saturday. Now one of the nightfillers who started there less than a year ago is 2IC, which I thought was cool that she got the position.

    But it seems after maybe a month in the position, the power is going to her head, she’s not pulling her weight & getting shitty at staff when stuff isn’t done, because she isn’t getting in there & helping get stuff done.

    But what I think is worse, she’s all shitty with me cause I dare talk to other staff that are not part of my department (I work in Online mostly) when I am working. So she has decided to tell everyone but me that this is an issue. Well when I say everyone, everyone but myself, my departments supervisor & our departments manager.

    She’s not young either, so you think she’d know how to handle things better. Oh well, I won’t be helping her out if she needs the help in the future. I’ll be nice, but I won’t go out of my way to be helpful or whatever any more. I’m sick of trying to be helpful & just nice to people to have it thrown back in my face.

  • I appear to suddenly have some free time – was made redundant yesterday. Department restructure, and my role was outsourced. I’m such a fucking clichรฉ.

    Time for some D2 I guess.

  • So iPhone X. Looks cool, most of what’s in it I like. What I don’t like is no Touch ID, that is the best part of my 6S imo. Don’t like the price, almost $1600 for the 64GB & almost $1900 for the 256GB. If it was more like $1250 & $1500 I could deal with that. I do need a new phone, but I think i’ll look at an 8+ over an X. Even though I would prefer that bezel-less display & AMOLED screen. But gotta take the good with the bad.

      • Nah, if I was going to switch to Android, i’d go for a Pixel, those are nice phones, never been a fan of any the Galaxy phones i’ve messed around with.

        I also use iMessage a lot, since a lot of friends overseas have iPhones & don’t like using Facebook Messenger, which I find strange since it’s the superior way of messaging I find these days. I also use iCloud a lot, it’s replaced my Dropbox basically, since I pay something like $1 a month for an extra 50GB. And also i’ve been invest in iOS/MacOS for a long time now, even if MacOS/OSX was never my proprietary OS.

        I’ve come to the decision against going for an iPhone X. Based on there’s no Touch ID & smaller form factor than the 8+, they’re both negatives for me. I do love the look of the screen however & general look of the phone. But I need something bigger than my 6S, it’s just too small in my hands, where as a 6+, 6S+ & 7+ feel right in my hands. But there’s the trade off of only having an IPS display with 1080P resolution, which is a bit shitty. But something I could live with.

  • Woo. Went & did an adult thing on Friday & opened a savings account so I can save to go overseas next year, might be able to put away a substantial amount a week too by the looks if work keeps up with all the hours i’ve been getting, especially since I am on top of all my bills, have no debts & I don’t really buy a lot of unnecessary stuff. Which makes me happy.

    But I also did go by the music store that was having a closing down sale & bought a guitar strap I totally didn’t need but it looked cool. I probably should’ve bought the guitar strings I needed instead lol.

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