The Best Cosplays From Evolve Perth

While Australia doesn't have a full-blown con season like the US does, around this time of year we can still rely on having a con every week or two. The most recent of these was Evolve Perth, a relatively new convention on the scene with a big focus on cosplay. Here's some of our favourite costumes from the single day con.

Image: Peegion Photography. Cosplayer: Emi Apollo
Image: Peegion Photography. Cosplayers: Adrian Beau and Kim Kine
Image: Peegion Photography. Cosplayers: Thor Johannesson, Oli Johannesson and Stephanie Cox

Photographer Reagan Smash Productions also caught the cosplay competition, which had a bunch of interesting entries including someone dressed as Vanasha from Horizon Zero Dawn — the first non-Aloy cosplay I've seen from the game!

Image: Reagan Smash Productions. Cosplayers: Thor Johannesson, Oli Johannesson and Stephanie Cox

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    Jesus...Is anyone gonna mention the Deapool costume ? I would check the wardrobe department on Deadpool 2 production. That looks like he stole it!

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