The Cheapest Copies Of Destiny 2 In Australia

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As Tenacious D once sang: "Look into my eyes and it's easy to see, one and one make two, two and one make three. It was DESTINY". And yes, now we're here, where Destiny has become Destiny 2. Finally! One of the most hotly anticipated titles this year is out!

Right here is where you can find the absolute cheapest copies of Destiny 2 in Australia.

One thing to note, of course, is that the PC version of Destiny 2 doesn't actually launch until October 24. Sad times for PC fans.

Big W

XBOX/PS4: $64

Big W coming in with that hot introductory price at $64 so you can spend big on DLC down the track. Unfortunately not stocking

JB Hi-Fi

PC: $59, XBOX/PS4: $69

If Big W aren't carrying it, this is the next best option for sure. The console price is Nice.

Harvey Norman

PC: $59, XBOX/PS4: $69

Niiiiice, Gerry!

Mighty Ape

PC/XBOX/PS4: $68

Have to tack on the added cost of shipping which pushes this up around the $73 mark, but still good value if you're happy to wait.

The Gamesmen

PC: $89.95, XBOX/PS4: $78

There's better, especially if you're looking at the PC version, but this isn't too bad for consoles.


XBOX/PS4: $76.99

Comes with the Coldheart DLC and free delivery, so a viable option, especially if you are an Ozgameshop regular.


XBOX/PS4: $77.38

Not where I'd be heading, but useful if you're looking for other language versions of the game.


XBOX/PS4: $85.66

Includes shipping costs and the USD to AUD conversion, ends up not great.

EB Games

PC: $89.95, XBOX/PS4: $89.95

Daylight robbery, in comparison, but will price match. EB are also offering a few different bundles that range from $99.95 for the steel case bundle, all the way up to the $349.95 Collector's Edition, if you hate yourself enough really love Destiny!

Destiny 2 launches digitally and in stores this Wednesday, September 6, for consoles. The PC release is due on October 24.


    I wasn't too concerned with cheap for Destiny or Destiny 2, I just wanted access to it all the time so I went digital and bought it from PSN. It (and the patch) have pre-loaded, all ready to go.

    digital download all the way. already has a countdown timer on my home screen. thanks PS.

      yeah i went digital deluxe edition as well thanks to the wonders of gamesharing so my bro can play as well

      I ended up going physical for PS4 and digital for Xbox just purely so I could get my Cayde-6 figure. God, I'm a bad consumer.

    how can you price up Big W when they're not stocking it?

    I'm pretty sure you can already buy it for 20 bucks at Target, it just has a 1 in place of the 2.


    EB are effectively offering $50 towards the steelcase edition if you trade in 2 XB1/PS4 games. I just took in 2 old games I don't play anymore so brought the cost down to $59. Yeah, I'm aware about getting ripped off on trade ins, but the discs haven't been touched in years.

    GMG has 10% off the PC version currently

      That's USD... still cheaper than the digital deluxe on the Blizzard store though.

        yep it works out to be roughly 68 AUD ( 0.80) there are probably cheaper places online but if you have credit with GMG (because you bought from them in the past) then it could work to be even less

        like wise if you farm enough gold in WoW, you could technically spend 0 real world money on buying Destiny 2

      If you have a 1080/1080 ti card, i suggest going to kinguin as they're selling codes from Nvidia promo cards for roughly $50.00 AUD. These codes require you to have the specified card and redeem via nvidia experience and then updates

      Some people maybe a bit hesitant as they're similar/same as G2A, but i have had no issues from them so far, and usually get the codes within a minute of completing transaction.

        thanks for that, always good to know another site

        have you bought much from them?

    If you've ever got product care in computers dept at Harveys, you may have noticed a 20% off console games voucher in the back of the book they gave you, bringing the $69 down to $54.95. Not bad at all!!

    Not 1 person asking where is the PC version because it would be the only version worth getting

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