The Destiny 2 Live Action Trailer Isn't Half Bad

Live action trailers are usually garbage. The live action trailer for Destiny 2, not so much.

Voiced by Cayde-6 for the most part, the trailer actually offers a quick breakdown of Destiny 2 - for those who didn't play the original. After that, it's basically a Call of Duty-esque action sequence, but with way better costumes and special effects, and less cringey jokes.

OK, it's still a bit cringey. But cosplayers will have a field day with this.

And yeah, in case the PC beta made you forget, Destiny 2 actually comes out next week. Only on consoles, though.


    Beastie Boys over Led Zep any fucking day!

    Suitably cheesy and bro...
    But who remembers
    "Penis baby!"
    Once heard can never be unheard (Destiny 1 live action trailer).

    I remember the Mass Effect 3 live trailer was decent as well. The Destiny PC beta has made me seriously reconsider the PS4 friends I made over the last 3 years.

    More live action trailers for games the better. The original Smash Bros. trailer was fantastic.

    This was awesome. Pre loading now, commencing the hype!!

    its not half bad?!... its all bad - sorry but live action trailers like Rupert Sanders Halo ODST still can't be topped - even Kozonski's Destiny trailers were better than this one - this is bad comping and VFX and terrible saturated colors and awkward performances - director did Skull Island so it explains alot

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