The Destiny 2 Servers Are Down [Update: And They're Back]

Image: Bungie/Destiny 2

If you're trying to play Destiny 2 but can't, don't worry. You're not the only one.

Update 7:29 PM: Some users are reporting that they're able to login on social media. I'm able to login now as well, although your mileage may vary!

Users around the world are reporting all sorts of issues trying to log onto Destiny 2 right now, with the common error message being that users have lost connection to the D2 servers.

The official support account for Bungie has tweeted that some PS4 users are getting errors about changed permissions to multiplayer:

That was around lunch time, although at the time of writing issues are ongoing. I was just attempting to stream the game, and, well, you can see the result:

PlayStation has confirmed that some users are having issues connecting to PSN, and they're investigating the issue:

So yeah, if you were hoping to play Destiny 2 tonight - hope you're keen on a late one.


    Oh gee, who could have seen this coming.

      They were fine yesterday!

        and everybody else had finally downloaded it and booked the servers.

          Definitely. The numbers will keep climbing during the first week and sometimes second week. I hope they are prepared for the influx :(.

            I still remember the first day of Modern Warfare 2. Green ping for every player. Then the next day, it went on sale in America.

    Oh wrll i was debating if i should jump on the destjny bandwagon having missed the furst one. This resolves it.

      I have never seen any MMO game that runs smooth for the first few days. Usually the first week is always the roughest.

      Lol skipping an online game cause the servers have issues on day 2? C'mon.

        @letrico and @zzzonked
        I should've explained. I was typing on my phone while on the bus. I meant to say "for now" at the end.

        I find all the trailers and gameplay I've seen so far very enticing. However, I haven't played Destiny, so I don't know if it is my cup of tea, especially because I don't play multiplayer games. I know this can be played single player as well, but not sure if the experience is then not as good as multiplayer. Then comes the time investment, which I've read is huge. I don't think I can manage that and I don't want all my gaming to be just 1 game.

        So I was debating aaaaall of this then I saw that you can't play it anyway at the moment so put it on hold.

        Anyway, I bought it before going to bed. :( not sure when I will play it.

          You can definitely play it solo, but without grouping with others you'll miss the best parts of the game. Highly recommend giving the multiplayer aspects a go, you don't even have to talk if you're willing to listen, the raids are truly something special.

    I'm fine over here. Not a single connection problem to report on the Xboned side.

    I haven't run into any issue although my mate was having problems with his PSN so maybe that has a little to do with it? Who knows all I know is that I am having a top time. (Hunters FTW)

    Pretty sure this was a PSN only thing, not a blanket oh the destiny 2 servers a down thing, xbox was fine.

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