The Five Best Guns In Destiny 2

The Five Best Guns In Destiny 2

There are a bunch of interesting weapons in Destiny 2. Auto rifles, rocket launchers, swords and weirdo reverse-tractor beams. But which guns are best? Here’s our list of the top five.

5. MIDA Multi-Tool

The exotic scout rifle MIDA Multi-Tool is pretty easy to get. It probably has the least stringent requirements of any of Destiny 2‘s exotic quests. Once you get it, you’ll have a gun that lives up to its name. It has so many uses! Obviously, it’s good at long range. But it staggers enemies really effectively, so it’s solid at close range, too. You really don’t need to use anything else.

4. MIDA Multi-Tool

The best thing about the MIDA Multi-Tool is that it lets you keep your radar active when you aim down your sights. That puts it way above most other guns for PvP, particularly in the more intense modes on the competitive playlist or during Trials of the Nine. Destiny 2 has increased the time it takes for your radar to come back after you aim down the sights of a normal gun, making the MIDA’s radar perk that much more valuable. It’s a no-brainer.

3. MIDA Multi-Tool

There’s plenty of new stuff in Destiny 2, so it’s comforting to use a gun that we’re all already familiar with. MIDA Multi-Tool is one of several Destiny 2 exotics that Bungie carried over from the first game. It’s been floating around the meta since waaaay back in 2014, and it just wouldn’t be Destiny if that weren’t still the case. Sequels are all about using the same guns we’ve been using for three years, right? It’s so nice to stick with what we know.

2. MIDA Multi-Tool

If you’re competing in Trials of the Nine, chances are most of your teammates are going to be using the MIDA Multi-Tool. You wouldn’t want to stick out, right? Of course not! Don’t be a weirdo! You can always equip a good auto rifle in your energy slot, if you really want to use something different from time to time. But let’s be real: If we could have our way, we’d just equip a MIDA Multi-Tool in both slots! We guess that’s what the MIDA Mini-Tool is for.

1. MIDA Multi-Tool

The MIDA Multi-Tool won our hearts years ago with its iconic “death stapler” firing sound, and we definitely have yet to get sick of it! It’s so refreshing to go into a crucible match and immediately hear that clipped thwack coming from every angle. Why use any other gun when you can use one that sounds this good? It’s a fair question.

If we had to list a few others we like, we’d say the auto rifles Origin Story, Prosecutor and Uriel’s Gift are all strong. We’re actually partial to the pulse rifle Nightshade, particularly when paired with the three-burst sidearm Last Hope.

If we could ever get a Better Devils hand cannon to drop we’d totally hang on to it for whenever Bungie buffs hand cannons, and The Old Fashioned is a pretty solid option, too. The scouts Nameless Midnight and Seven-Six-Five are both really good. Hawthorne’s Field-Forged Shotgun and the fusion rifle Merciless are both great power weapons for melting bosses and ultras. Swords are actually pretty strong in both crucible and PvE, too.

But who are we kidding? None of those guns really get much use from us, since we prefer to stick with for one of the ones from our top five.


  • MIDA is clearly the best quest exotic in the game – it’s really easy to get, guaranteed to be high light level, and can be used to boost the power of my Nameless Midnight, so I can use a more useful exotic weapon instead. 😛

  • if only Jade Rabbit came back, now there was a gun worthy of love. The reason so many people are using Midi is because all the other scout rifles are pretty sub-par and without randomised perks getting another weapon that comes close to doing what the mida does is now impossible.

    thats the hilarious part is they went with set weapons for ease of balance, yet all the choice has done has limited (well in the minds of meta players) even more how strict the meta will be.

    thats sad part about D2 so far, they have forgotten people play long term games because of choice and freedom and variety but they have made a game with even less of all those.

      • If you want the full game digital version then that’s the going rate…that includes the DLCs but after D1 you know Bungie have hacked chunks out of the game and you’ll need the DLCs if you are ever going to have the actual entire game…

      • I know it is tongue-in-cheek but a little bit shit that one of the best weapons in the game is one of the best weapons from D1…they didn’t have a budget to come up with some new stuff???

  • MIDI is pretty good. I got it after I saw a whole bunch of people using it in the crucible. But that was like two weeks ago and I now see that gun a lot less. I see more of Uriels Gift now. I mean the Multi tool is versatile but unless you are a head shot pro you wont notice THAT big of a difference when using it. I play a warlock and I like to fly in on down on players and the Multi tool isnt that good for that. In fact I think I like the Mini-tool better.

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