The Good Old Games Sale Is Good Indeed

Image: Shadowrun Dragonfall

Her Story. Age of Wonders. Pixeljunk Shooter. Tharsis. Shadowrun Returns. Trine 2. Shadowrun Dragonfall.

And that's just the stuff under $5.

Called the Big Deal Sale, it's basically a chance for Good Old Games to slash the vast majority of their library. The discounts hark back to the days of Steam flash sales, with lots of discounts in the 75% and above range.

To keep things simple, I'll list the games below in order of their Australian price. The actual discount will vary for game to game, but if you stick to the sub-$10 mark there's plenty of bargains. Each game links direct to the store page.

Tharsis: $3.49
Trine 2 Complete Story: $3.79
Crypt of the Necrodancer: $4.59
Apotheon: $4.79
Neo Scavenger: $4.79
Oxenfree: $5.09
Doorkickers: $5.09
Rebel Galaxy: $5.69
Satellite Reign: $5.69
Project Highrise: $6.39
Legend of Grimrock: $7.59
Xenonauts: $7.99
Full Throttle Remastered: $8.99
Firewatch: $8.99
Age of Wonders 3: $9.99
Tahira Echoes of the Astral Empire: $11.39
Nex Machina: $12.69
Tacoma: $15.99
The Witness: $15.99
Little Nightmares: $16.19
Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap: $20.29
Obduction: $24.09

On top of that, you can get Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee for free right now, although that's not exclusive to GOG at the moment.

Nonetheless, if you're feeling a bit burnt out by new releases there's plenty worth looking at above. Firewatch is obviously good for fans of narrative adventures, and every twin-stick shooter fan should play Nex Machina. Xenonauts is also at a pretty tempting price, and Syndicate fans will have fun with the Aussie-made Satellite Reign.


    It's Obduction, not Obudction

    Rebel Galaxy is a surprisingly good game from a 2 person team. Great music and pretty decent gameplay. Definitely worth the price.

      Yessss Rebel Galaxy totally gets my vote. A good 15-25 hours of neat space truckin.

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