The Next iPhone Will Be Announced On September 12

The Next iPhone Will Be Announced On September 12
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If you’re looking to upgrade your phone, but want to see what Apple has before biting the bullet, hold off until September 12.

That’s when Apple is scheduled to announce their next line of phones, which will include their Anniversary iPhone. That could be called the iPhone 8, incidentally. There will also be a refresh of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and rumours are abound that the Apple Watch will get a 3rd release with LTE connectivity.

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There might be a new Apple TV as well. But with the company’s HomePod due to launch later this year, it would make more sense to launch those two products together. Either way, we’ll find out more in just under a fortnight.


  • Not sure if it is only me or if I’m being one of those whack paranoid techtards… but every single time we get close to the next iPhone announcement my current iPhone (which I have had no problems with whatsoever) starts “randomly” playing up?

    … conspiracy theory people!

  • Y’all think it will have a headphone jack? My 6 is starting to slow down quite a bit, but if it doesn’t… hellooooo Pixel.

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